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2012-10-05 15:14

Apartheid Israel must stop brutal transfers of Palestinians from their land

#2 E1 Settlement

2012-10-06 01:08

Why are the Israelis allowed to contravene UN resolutions whilst the world ignores their crimes? They are guilty of ethnic cleansing but no-one with any clout ie the Americans seems to care - in fact they actively seek to keep the Israelis sweet. Something stinks! - perhaps one day this piece of history will have become as notorious as the Holocaust - and people will say -'why did the world do nothing?'


2012-11-13 01:02

End the apartheid regime

#4 Judea and Samaria

2012-11-30 22:49

End the Arab settlement of land of Israel



2012-12-17 06:42

Justice & freedom for Palestine.

#6 Wormturn

2012-12-18 20:33

Blut und Boden!



2012-12-19 01:22

There is no doubt that E1 was being planned for over more than a decade, and is being used as a blackmail to prevent any advance on a state for the Palestinians. It has appeared to hold back due to pressure from the US , UK, and EU, but in fact has already built the infrastructure in readiness for the go-ahead with the project. All has been planned and designed, and now Israel is pushing the scheme ahead because of the UN General Assembly vote to afford the Palestinian state observer status. This will allow the PA t o take Israel to the ICC for the serious breaches of Article 49 of the Geneva Convention in building illegal settlements on occupied land - which constitute war crimes. The PA should do that right away, and the Quartet must urgently apply sanctions on Israel for creating a permanent occupation, breaching international law and preventing a viable Palestinian state from being established.


#8 translate?

2012-12-19 03:46

Sister Av


2012-12-19 14:29

I'm so gratful for this e-petition: a chance to do something to help. Thanks. Sister Av


#10 settlement

2012-12-19 19:15

end palistine genocide
Pal of Palestine

#11 Building of E1 settlements

2012-12-20 01:39

Everyone who reads this please sign the petition to try to stop Israel's land grab and blatant apartheid policies.

#12 Re: Building of E1 settlements

2012-12-20 11:30



2013-01-07 20:39

The behaviour of Israel is unbelievable

#14 Re:

2013-01-07 22:55

#13: rhb -

They are "just" interpreting human right differently. We can speak about jews right all over the word regardless of the topic, and nobody elses right in Israel.

If you treat them same as they are treating palestinians, you are antisemitist. This is the interpretation of human right according to Israel.


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2013-01-08 02:57



2013-03-07 09:55

It's time to stop the israeli terror against innocent Palestinians!



2013-03-30 15:30

Down with Israel



2013-11-20 10:37

I am so glad to know about the petition. I am in Jerusalem at the moment and will be here for some time. Having visited Palestine three times I am very aware of the squeezing of the Palestinians and the fact that so many are being attacked by extreme settlers and causing both physical, emotional and deep physiological damage.



2013-12-04 14:55

words fail me! I simply cannot believe what is happening to the Palestinians at the hand of the Israeli Government whilst the world stands by and does nothing! surely the time has come to stop this obscene criminal behavior! The Palestinian people desperately need our support!



2014-03-15 07:54

Down with Israel.
Terrorist regime stealing lands from palestinians.

#21 and

2014-11-25 18:24