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2012-05-12 19:44

This show is just awesome. Such a show should not be underrated. It deserves more. Please do not cancel this show. It isn't fair.



2012-05-12 22:41

Don't cancel finder



2012-05-12 23:57

This show is fantastic and it would be a clear shame to cancel it before it's even found it's stride.



2012-05-13 02:36

No offends but if that show can last so can this one

I love Hart Harper's work and that is why I started watching this show. So let the finder stay where they are let Willa come back and.........LETS FIND STUFF.



2012-05-13 03:01

U cant cancel this show when u have other series that are seriously crap....



2012-05-13 15:56

i love this show, don't cancel it.



2012-05-13 19:46



2012-05-13 20:51




2012-05-13 22:25

Fuck you Fox Network, I like this show



2012-05-13 22:29

Won't help. These petitions never do but I very much regret seeing this series go.

#11 WTF Fox

2012-05-13 23:09

I do not understand why a show like the finder is cancelled while crap like glee, so you think you can dance, mobbed, and many more are still on tv. I would also like to say that your take on "Reality" shows have ran there course. As a 38 year old male I am tired of seeing shows about people who cant dance, sing, or cook.



2012-05-14 02:11

Please don't end this show its the only funny show on the air



2012-05-14 20:15

The Finder is one of the best TV shows that I have have seen in a while. It has excellent stories with a great cast.



2012-05-14 20:29

I'm tired of Fox cancelling good shows, first it was firefly which has a loyal and dedicated following; People are still pissed off today that firefly got cancelled. And since Firefly Fox has continued to cancel good shows, that have an actual plot and good writing, and character development; instead they leave lame reality shows, with no plot or intelligence. Worse yet when Fox cancels a show they end recently they end it on a cliffhanger; Terra Nova got cancelled and now i will never know whats in the badlands, you gives us a single season with characters we begin to care about and mystery's we want to figure out and you then take it all way leaving wondering what happened. Now you want to take away the Finder, the plot is interesting, it has potential to go places, the acting and interaction among the characters is quirky and fun. We wonder if willa will escape the gypsy way of life and not have to marry Timo. We wonder what would really happen if Walter couldn't find something. we wonder if leo will ever forgive himself and move on from his past. And we also wonder if Isabel will ever get what she wants. we wonder all these things and now your going to leave us wondering, and further unsatisfied with FOX network.
The Finder Wanter


2012-05-17 14:29

A fantastic show with a refreshing new kind of lead character with a quirky cast of partners in an investigative show that is light hearted wholesome enough for the whole family. If FOX's goal is to lose viewers and loyalty than keep cancelling the better shows u have and keep airing morally disgusting and stupidly inaccurate and unrealistic musical shows like glee. I HATE U FOX! 1st for FIREFLY and now for THE FINDER!



2012-05-17 19:30

We don't get to watch much decent series, to cancel The Finder is a crime, its highly entertaining and there's no other show like it



2012-05-17 19:48

This is a fredaking fantastic series. There are so few series that can catpture your attention and keep it the way this one has. Most series these days go in a direction that makes no sense. This is original and fantastic. Please bring it back especially cause we want to see where the characters will go!!!!



2012-05-19 00:27

the finder is an inspirational tv show full of smart humor and a quick way of thinking, cancelling this would be the end of intelligent tv productions



2012-05-19 05:26

This show is awesome maybe if they spun as much advertising as other shows it would have done one hell of alot better



2012-05-20 22:13

Yet another good, different show bites the dust while we are force-fed so called reality shows and 'who's the best at what' shows. Talk about dumbing down.



2012-05-20 23:43

best show ever u people are dumb !! when u see some of the shit that s still in the air....

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2012-05-21 08:11


#23 Please dont cancel!!

2012-05-22 02:49

Please don't cancel the Finder! I have grown rather attached to the show and want to find out what happens next! I love this show's sense of humor!!


#24 do not cancel the finder!!!

2012-05-22 10:43

its so well done! the character development, the story line, and the creativity in this show are way too great! please please keep it going!

#25 You are CRAZY to cancel the Finder!

2012-05-24 05:47

This show is excellent. It's the perfect balance of the "buddy cop" and "Satyr"!
Give it a Chance...after all, there has been way worse crap on your network that somehow survives...God knows the other networks...namely CBS, would probably jump at the chance to pick up the show!