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2012-02-14 19:01

I have good friends who were sent to Provo Canyon School and they tell me horror stories of torture and sexual abuse. I've heard Provo uses isolation and drugs to control children. This has been going on for years, I hope we can get the place shut down.


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2012-02-15 01:26

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Thank you for the comment; it was horrific there, the staff often walk away when they know a kid is going to get raped because they want Plausible Deniability. Riots happened all the time, and fights were so common that it became a part of mainstream life. I sure hope we can shut them down. Thanks again. :) --204



2012-02-15 23:29


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2012-02-16 09:40




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#6 YES

2012-05-22 11:32

Just to clarify for my sake... I don't know what the cryptic "no" was supposed to convey, but YES to 204-my brother was at Provo for a year and just like 204, some part of him died. He has never been the same and what happens there is so horrific that family members don't even want to believe what they hear when their son/daughter/brother/sister tries to share the experience with someone that is supposed to be safe and compassionate. Instead, I was in denial and felt very bad for my brother, but I will be honest and admit that what he told me had happened didn't seem to be very likely. I knew it was a tough place to be (we had been at a children's home together at one point, so I wasn't completely naive to the "system," but I was completely naive to Provo). Years later I accidentally come across a Provo Survivors site and feel complete shame followed by what I can only describe as very controlled anger at what happened and is still happening-STILL. It took reading the stories of other survivors for me to realize that I was horribly wrong in assuming that places like Provo couldn't exist in our country... the reality is that it is going to take an army to save the people that are being tortured and kept in ways that are sickening and very, very REAL. NO ONE deserves what happens there and YES it will be shut down, as long as there are voices and as long as we remember that it is over for us or our family member, but not those that are still suffering, we can do something to regain what Provo took away, we can save others and pledge to not shut up until this place is closed down... in the name of Survivors, lend your voice, sign your name, be awake to the reality of what happens and know it is not being dramatized-the reality is torture only Survivors can truly describe and each story piles up to what 204 has described. Survivors need a voice (and yes, I capitalize the "S" for those that made it out), those that haven't made it out NEED our voice... our voices need to get louder and louder until there is no choice but to listen, no choice but to hear, no choice but shut us all up and that can only happen one way... please help us close Provo Canyon School, YES we will keep fighting and NO ONE will stop us.



2012-07-09 06:35

The wretched people who run these "institutions" are the scum of the earth. For Progress to continue than we must shut down these Embassies of Hell on Earth.

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2012-08-25 12:49

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2012-09-04 17:11

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#10 Fox 11 News LA doing story re PCS

2013-03-27 23:05


Fox 11 News LA doing story re PCS. Unfortunately Los Angeles school district still funding. I want to see their funding get cut! Martin is interviewing 310-466-4567

Please forward and share

#11 PCS made my teen years hell.

2013-05-18 04:21

I was in Provo Canyon School (boys facility) for one year around 1995-96. Shortly after patients and staff learned that I was gay, the sexual abuse began. While most of the other kids had either no qualms or only teased me, several staff members began targeting me for sexual abuse. While I was never forcibly or violently raped (by staff), several of them began to try to isolate me and talk with me about my sexuality and coerced me one way or another to have sex with them. Eventually I had sex with three male staff members and had "sexual contact" with two others before they kicked my out when the director decided I was a liability and irresistible to the pedos there. That place was a horrible, terrifying cash cow staffed my pedophiles and perverts who target vulnerable young teen boys; and a psychiatrist, Dr. Dilbert Pearson, who overmedicated as many patients as possible with disastrous results. At the time I was there, and I'm not saying these were the pervs, but staff like Dave Passey, Jason, James, Kurt, Seth, therapist Steve Biddulf were there. Spent most of my time in investment or unit #4. If anyone else was there when I was and would like to contact for any reason, email me at


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2013-08-04 01:58

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I was #74 when I was there in the late 70's



2013-09-06 04:57

i was at provo for a year. it was pure hell. ive blocked it out as much as i can because of how horrible the experience was...



2014-01-20 05:17

I was there 1987 1989 yes it was torture I never experienced all but seen and witnessed b mod were kids were taken to discipline they would stare at wall on tip toes hand behind back for months secluded and some never see day light

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2014-03-19 04:58

The Beast

#16 Provo Canyon School 1998

2014-04-05 06:07

I went through this school around 1998. That's 16 years ago now, and the memories still haunt me. I went in for drug issues and depression. It only made everything worse.

They basically subject you to a humiliating and torturous environment. It is much like being a prisoner, and much like being the subject of a laboratory experiment.

Physical beatings are common. If you say the wrong thing you could get slammed against a wall or tackled. They especially like to use arm bars and moves in which they twist your hands. They can get away with it anytime without getting in trouble. And they do it when it is unnecessary. They do it as a display of power to intimidate the entire unit of kids.

The kids are left alone to beat the crap out of each other often too. You could be sitting there studying math at your desk. Then suddenly there's another kid with no shirt on rushing in to attack you. I got into hundreds of scuffles and became a good fighter in there. It puts you into a state of constant tension. This creates psychological disorders in people like PTSD, anxiety, anger, etc.

Then they shove drugs down your throat. They just pic a mental disorder that matches you best and give you a corresponding drug cocktail. They had me on up to 3 drugs at a time. Almost everyone in there was on 3-5 heavily psychotropic pharmacueticals. How fucked up is that! Many of those kids don't even have true mental disorders and the vast majority of the drugs were not necessary.

Sometimes they would "try out" a new drug on you. And they would give you a heavy stimulant or anti-psychotic. We were used as human lab rats. Period.

Many of the staff are incompetent. There are idiotic ex-security guards on steroids in charge of you with 100% authority. Telling you what to do. These guys are hired for physical power, not mental capability. Most of them are unqualified and dangerous to the kids.

Some of them were obviously gay and/or pedophiles. I won't name and names right now. But I know of 3 staff members there who were predators of the children. Many of them would look at me inappropriately and they loved to walk around us late at night when we were in out pajamas, staring at our bodies with no shame.

And yes indeed, there was molestation going on. It was rare, but it was happening with a small number of people. Staff members would disappear with kids for "private talks" and it was obvious what was happening. I know about a 14 year old kid who was getting sexually abused by a staff member.

If any of you have any questions. Or if any of you went to PCS, please email me

They should be in prison

#17 This place does torture kids

2014-04-15 02:27

It is all true. They inject kids with haloperidol and molest them. There is also constant psychological abuse. There is physical abuse. staff will slam kids for even giving a wrong look. I really don't know why, but the staff in this place act like monsters. Very sadistic and cruel.

All the horror stories are true. I saw it personally.

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2014-04-23 01:14

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2014-07-26 15:52


#20 i was at pcs from 75-77 gladiator school jeffrey campbell is my name

2014-09-02 07:59



2015-01-05 09:38

Kids have died in this place.

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2015-01-15 00:10

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 put these reviews on their  Google Page & follow us at @StopLoganRiver on twitter.    



2015-01-17 16:40

I was kidnapped from my house in California. It was 2am in the morning and two big football players tackled me, handcuffed me and flew me in there private plane to Provo Canyon School in Utah. I was mentally and physically abused for 18 months. This place needs to be shut down.


#24 Re: PCS made my teen years hell.

2015-12-15 00:04

#11: PCSisTORTURE - PCS made my teen years hell. 

 I was there from 1998 to 2000 it was awful



2016-02-02 19:27

I went to this horrible school, it will cause more mental problems . I'm 26 years old and still deal with the scary flashbacks of this place .