Kop Corner Open for Fans

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2016-02-11 18:27

We need to get the passion and atmosphere back into the ground, the club are trying to stop people sitting where this is happening, and it's about time us as fans was heard



2016-02-11 18:46

It's a free world we sit where we want. Why are there seats there if no one can sit there


#3 Good luck

2016-02-11 18:49

From us all at Tilton Talk Show www.srbradio.com 



2016-02-11 18:54

kro sotv 



2016-02-11 19:03

Good luck guys. I hear you from the paddock. The club shout be encouraging atmosphere not trying to destroy it.KRO.



2016-02-11 19:08

It's our stadium why can't we sit in seats we want to?



2016-02-11 19:09

I am a season ticket holder in block 37 without the fans in kop corner it would like being at a mortuary not a football match



2016-02-11 19:15

What's the point having seats there if you are not allowed to sit there come on Birmingham City sort it out stop trying to destroy the atmosphere encourage it instead 



2016-02-11 19:18

Hope this petition can really change things. Other clubs don't take this action and we have a gap between home and away fans! KRO



2016-02-11 19:25

people should sit ware they like its our club. We pay and keep the club alive KRO



2016-02-11 19:36

Because I believe it's the fans that make our club, they create the atmosphere in the ground, banning them from this area is narrow minded and petty and below the standard I would expect from the owners



2016-02-11 20:08

The club needs to listen to the fans. Without the fans the club Is nothing. Show the fans the respect they deserve....Oh and KRO.



2016-02-11 20:08

For the greater good



2016-02-11 20:15

Because we should be allowed to sit where we want to support our team and also we should be allowed to sing and stand whenever we want



2016-02-11 20:41

I always sit in the kop corner, with my big brother Tom. Admittedly we both have thought of sitting in a different area, but each time we go we end up sitting in the kop corner. We sit in the kop corner each time, we have even gave the steward a nickname called machete of the film. So if this corner gets shut we will most likely stop going as usual as we do.



2016-02-11 20:45

If the club don't want home supporters in that corner of the stadium it should be given to the away support so we can have blues fans behind both goals. KRO!



2016-02-11 21:10

For the greater good



2016-02-11 21:19

There is no comprehensible reason to stop supporters from using the Kop corner. We do not live in a dictatorship.



2016-02-11 21:33

What's the matter with a group of fans at the top of the stand making an atmosphere nothing at all!!



2016-02-11 21:42

Been sitting there for a few seasons now...why kill the good atmosphere we create.? All for the good of the club



2016-02-11 21:49

Should have the right to sit where you want as a paying fan



2016-02-11 22:04

Banter and atmosphere is part of the game so don't want PC to ruin it! #12thman



2016-02-11 22:29

Would like to hear more singing at St Andrews
Like the old days when we used to stand.



2016-02-12 09:11

Because it is a excellent idea and one I support



2016-02-12 09:16

Rowett wants an atmosphere, so don't go ruin it let the kop corner be open stop crying over few songs between home and away fans this happens up and down the country, our ground our seats we have every right to sit their.