Government funding for young people with learning disabilities

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2016-02-09 16:59

I have been in a few times, great food, always a great service



2016-02-09 17:25

Keep 180 ope



2016-02-09 17:38

Great place and brilliant staff !



2016-02-09 17:42

Such a worth while job should be loads more of these opportunity's, I'm all for inclusion and normal life for adults with LD



2016-02-09 17:58

180 provide a good work place for adults with learning difficulties. The service and food is brilliant. It should be supported in every way possible.



2016-02-09 18:05

Its very important that young people with learning difficulties have a place that offers such training, and some folks working in the food service industry could learn a thing or too on customer service from the guys in 180.



2016-02-09 18:26

Simply, this service is dedicated to helping young adults with a learning disability develop skills they otherwise wouldn't receive due to the fact that some are marginalised by society. What other services would there be should this close? If it were your son or daughter...



2016-02-09 18:52

We go in from time to time & think it's a great opportunity 4 these young people 2 gve us a great service & with a smile 2 greet us & there's nothing 2 hard 4 them & jst watching them even cleaning the tablets everything is lifted off so i would like them 2 continue doing this job they know best



2016-02-09 18:53

Best wee restaurant in portadown . Good food n friendly staff



2016-02-09 18:54

180 is a brilliant restaurant!

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2016-02-09 18:56



2016-02-09 18:57

Young people with disabilities deserve the same chance to develop skills as those without disabilities.



2016-02-09 21:10

I think the One Eighty Restaurant is Fab!. I love what they stand for and think it's great, that Young people with Special Needs are given an opportunity to get a qualification and experience which will help them greatly in the Future.



2016-02-09 21:36

The future of our children is paramont,they are the future! Funding will help support and develop their skills to become the best they can be.



2016-02-09 21:50

I have a nephew with autism. It would be a great experience for him and others like him to get to learn the ways of working life.



2016-02-09 21:56

Such a great experience and a way of learning!

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2016-02-09 22:14



2016-02-09 23:38

Fabulous restaurant, doing such good work with our young people



2016-02-10 00:08

I signed this petition because this training facility MUST stay provides a lifeline to the many trainees who are there. It is somewhere which must be supported by government funding



2016-02-10 00:45

My grandson has learning disabilities and works for one eighty restaurant which has helped him gain confidence etc and lots more..



2016-02-10 01:38

I signed this petition because of the hard work this does for people with Learning Disabilities. It is first class hospitality and I hope this goes far!



2016-02-10 19:48

180 does important work, kids with learning disabilities need to know they matter.



2016-02-10 20:27

Fantastic place,Please keep it open!!



2016-02-10 21:26

Great work ridiculous to take away from community we all need skills and this is fantastic for learning disabilities



2016-02-11 00:10

It is essential that individuals with learning difficulties get all the help & assistance they need to be part of every day life.