Reinstate Elvis' name on the "USS Arizona"

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2016-01-04 12:19

He was the biggest factor to raise the money, put his name on the memoeial



2016-01-04 12:35

Elvis helped Build This Memorial



2016-01-04 12:43

Because Elvis was instrumental in raising the money to finish this he was a veteran and had his name on there originally it should have never been removed



2016-01-04 12:43

Elvis's private life is exactly that and should have no bearing on his name being on the memorial through his kindness and generosity the memorial was completed to remove it is an insult to his name and family the Hawaiian government are being peevish and disrespectful in its removal and people should stand together and help get his name reinstated.



2016-01-04 12:52

Without Elvis' input, the memorial would not have been completed. He served his time in the army and for all his faults he did many good deeds. His name belongs where it once was!



2016-01-04 12:54

Elvis funded it, his name is worthy to be shown as a contributor



2016-01-04 13:51

Of course Elvis´ name should be there as he contributed to the building of the memorial and, frankly, many people have learned about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor only because of Elvis! He has, in some ways, made a whole lot of people aware of why the Americans entered World War II.



2016-01-04 14:33

Because I am an Elvis fan and he was and is the greatest artist and singer of the world.



2016-01-04 14:43

Elvis was a very generous man he raised a lot of money for this his name should remain there has a huge Elvis fan and knowing people very close to him he did not die of drugs he had the same heart disease his mom died of put his name back on he well deserves it



2016-01-04 14:52

Elvis ' s funding made the memorial possible. This fact should not be hidden. His kindness should be remembered.



2016-01-04 15:01

His name should have never been taken off in first place! Idiot politicians.



2016-01-04 15:01

Because this is a man Elvis Presley who needs to be put back on the USS Arizona Memorial. He should have never been taken off.Don't use drug use as an excuse when no one really knows the real facts and truth.



2016-01-04 15:08

Elvis should be acknowledged for contributing a huge part of the costs of the memorial. As a great patriot, he loved that Memorial and visited it several times.



2016-01-04 15:09

I believe Elvis' name should be reinstated for his contribution



2016-01-04 15:54

Well Elvis has the right to get his name reinstated he did serve his country with honesty and pride!!!!!!! Plus he did do a lot for his country by bringing lots of people from all over the world to America( IE bye injecting money) And he has also given lot's to charity's bye doing benefit concerts!!! Elvis was a proud American who loved and served his country more than any other famous American that i know of.
Debbie From Canyon Lake

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2016-01-04 15:58

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 Elvis Presley helped raised money, his name should be seen showing appreciation for the memorial.



2016-01-04 16:14

If Elvis had a heart great enough to help with your project then you should "respect" him by acknowledging that he DID it !!!!



2016-01-04 16:14

I think Elvis's name should be put back because he did a lot for them



2016-01-04 16:23

I signed this petition because Elvis raised a lot of money towards this memorial, so whether or not he took too many prescribed (legal) medication has nothing to do with it. It meant a lot to him because he loved his country and he loved helping others. I think removing his name is disgusting and an insult to his memory.



2016-01-04 16:41

I signed this petition for the reason that his name should of never been taken off!



2016-01-04 17:21

To honor Mr. Presley



2016-01-04 17:40

Elvis es para muchos la voz y la imagen de US , su legado debe ser eterno e inmortal como el
Por favor restablezcan su nombre



2016-01-04 17:42

I wasn't aware that his name wasn't there. Elvis served his country, and worked hard and believed that these men who perished on the Arizona deserved this honor. Not to mention how he loved Hawaii.



2016-01-04 18:06

because i am an ELVIS fan



2016-01-04 19:13

He raised money and donated covert money to complete enough said!!!!