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#1 keep wrenthorpe a village

2011-03-29 01:16

please keep wrenthorpe a village, these places need to be kept as villages we need to protect our heritage



2011-03-29 14:02

I strongly object the building of any housing on green belt land. I strongly object to the sheer amount of housing to built in the Wrenthorpe area the infrastructure cannot take it the schools cannot take it the doctors and dentists and any facilities we have cannot take it. The air polution will increase by an extra 1-2000 cars at least. If you need us to meet up to demonstrate in town at the council offices let us know. We need to stop this now.

#3 Re:

2011-03-29 16:57

#2: -


Totally agree we need to up the pressure level - we are looking to have a photo taken in Wrenthorpe with as many concerned residents as can get there.

This will form part of a press release for the Wakey Express and YEP. If we can get something arranged we may meet the deadline for Friday's edition.

Please get in touch if you and others think this is a good idea.





#4 "The Balk"

2011-03-29 22:21

I was wondering whether anyone has walked "The Balk" in the last year.

This is the track up the field from Trough Well Lane to Bradford Road, near to Melbourne Cottage.
I have walked it in the past, on and off from being about eleven years old.


#5 Re: keep wrenthorpe a village

2011-03-29 23:57

#1: goldsmith3rd - keep wrenthorpe a village

Thank you so much for your comment.


Please ask everyone you know to sign on line we only have until April 6th.


Thank you


#6 HRe: Re:

2011-03-30 12:59

#3: Paul - Re:  


Yes getting the Wakefield Express involed is an exellant idea.

Where in Wrenthorpe will the photo be taken and what time?


#7 Wrenthorpe Rangers FC

2011-03-30 21:06

Wrenthorpe Rangers FC are your local Football Club, who provide the opportunity for children and adults from all backgrounds and of all abilities to train and play football for a Community Football Club. Without green fields and open spaces we would be unable to provide this opportunity. At 10:00 on Saturday 9th April we are meeting to have a Club photograph taken up at Lofthouse Colliery Fields - all age groups from Kindergarten (under 6) to Open Age will be there. Come and support us as we develop and spread the word of Wrenthorpe across West Yorkshire and beyond - this years Under 15s will be going to Portugal later this season. Refreshments will be available and we will be more than happy to join in the Communities actions.
For more details see our website

#8 Re: Wrenthorpe Rangers FC

2011-03-30 22:19

#7: - Wrenthorpe Rangers FC



Thank you for your comment.

Could we put a link to your site to promote our campaign?




#9 Re: HRe: Re:

2011-03-30 22:56

#6: - HRe: Re:

Thanks for your reply

I would suggest that the entrance to the "Balk" on Bradford Road, which has been recently boarded up would be a good place.

Or under the "Keep Wrenthorpe a Village" sign which has appeared today.

Date and time: anytime, let us know what's best if you can get some people together.

Best Regards






2011-03-31 14:58

Green spaces are a valuable commodity that once removed will never be there again, it is vital that we keep green space for the sake of our grandchildren and to help combat pollution by keeping green areas with trees to absorb CO2. There are plenty of brown field sites that are ideal to develop as housing plots. If this space goes all you will see when entering Wakefield will be buildings and commercial property, not a good first impression for visitors. All the main routes are going this way, why?

Short sighted bureaucrats.


#11 Re: Re: Wrenthorpe Rangers FC

2011-03-31 19:18

#8: Rach - Re: Wrenthorpe Rangers FC   I have posted a link to this site on the Club Forum and also on my facebook - good luck and keep up the good work



#12 WMDC Council's plans to ruin Wrenthorpe forever

2011-03-31 22:24

The Council should be allowing brown-belt land to be used for housing and not green-belt. There is lots of brown-belt space in WMDC. I dont think any of us (in Council or not) has the right to destroy greenbelt - once its gone it can never be replaced.
Concerned Wrenthorpian

#13 Concrete Wrenthorpe

2011-04-01 00:29

This will be a disaster for Wrenthorpe - it will turn it into a concrete jungle with no green spaces.

The Council must think again.


#14 Re: Concrete Wrenthorpe

2011-04-01 00:32

#13: Concerned Wrenthorpian - Concrete Wrenthorpe

I totally agree. I think it would be just one big housing estate.

Wrenthorpe would be a suburb of Wakefield and not a village any more.



#15 Re: Re: Concrete Wrenthorpe

2011-04-01 00:48

#14: - Re: Concrete Wrenthorpe

If Wakefield need to make plans to build lots of new housing, then they should consider building a "new village", instead of destroying existing ones.

A good place would be off the A1 above Hemsworth; close to a main arterial route which the developer money could improve (3 lanes instead of 2, etc)



#16 Re: HRe: Re:

2011-04-01 14:37

#6: - HRe: Re:

Hi all

We have sent a press release to the Wakefield Express, YEP and Yorkshire Post

The WE have provisonally arranged a photographer to take a pic at the "Keep Wrenthorpe a Village" sign, which is situated at the corner or Brandy Carr and Bradford Roads.

This is pencilled in for 10am on Monday. It would be great if we could see as many people as possible there.

If this changes we will let you know.

Best Regards





2011-04-01 16:06

I live on Batley Road and we are having problems with development on two fields at the Bottom of Wrenthorpe Lane.Wrenthorpe cannot take anymore building or traffic.The congestion is builds from around 7-30am till after 9am and again in the afternoon from round 4pm to well after 6pm.All these developments should not take place.
the walker

#18 The infrastructure cannot take any more people

2011-04-02 21:07

Getting out onto Wrenthorpe Lane at school times is a nightmare. The road cannot cope with anymore traffic. At times it is one continuous queue. Imagine being ill and trying to get into the doctors with more than a thousand extra residents, we do not have the infrastructure to cope. I agree keep Wrenthorpe a village.


#19 Referendum

2011-04-08 13:36

Hi Please take a look at this link its a villiage that has had a referendum voteing against the local council not building houses etc on green belt land around their villiage. The villiage is called Menston I THINK WE SHOULD DO THE SAME HAVE OUR OWN REFERENDUM. What do you all think can we organise this?



#20 Re: Referendum

2011-04-08 14:39

#19: - Referendum

Hi, thanks for this

We saw this on the breakfast news - I haven't got round to looking at the details yet but please be assured we will be doing so. It seems a really good thing to be doing, but need to look at the small print

Will be in touch.....

Rach & Paul





2011-04-09 14:01

Hi Rach & Paul

I met with Mr Ed Balls MP this morning at the Wrenthorpe Rangers photograph shoot. I drafted a letter with all our comments on this sittuation of building on green belt land. I put a few pointers in the letter, he has promised to get back to me and come and see me personally. He also said he would come to Wrenthorpe and meet with a few people. I will let you know when I hear anything.



#22 Re:

2011-04-10 12:32

#21: -

Hi Joan

That is great, thank you. We are also thinking of arranging resident meetings in Wrenthorpe and Kirkhamgate, which could possibly tie in with the "parish poll" idea

Will be in touch

Rach & Paul




Mr W


2011-04-12 17:22

I can’t see how more houses in Wrenthorpe can benefit any current home owners in Wrenthorpe. With that in mind, the current residents can make all the difference. Maybe a lot of residents aren’t actually aware of the propositions, and how it will affect them?

With this is mind, I feel that we, the objectors, need to make more people aware. Have we thought about the possibility of distributing leaflets to houses? They wouldn’t take long to draft up, and if people pulled together (which I am sure they would), then they won’t take too long to deliver either.


#24 Re: Leaflets to houses

2011-04-13 13:26

#23: Mr W -

Hi All

Yes posting leaflets would be good we do need to make sure all Wrenthorpe residents are aware.  I will join in with any posting of leaflets.  Let me know if I can help in anyway?





2011-04-20 16:51

Hi Rachel,Paul and everyone who reads this message, I have written to Mr Ed Balls MP and have made an appointment with him on Friday the 13th May at 5pm at the Bay Horse pub on Bradford road. ALL ARE WELCOME TO COME AND MEET HIM. Mr Balls wants to hear our points of view he is on our side against the local aurthority. I am getting in touch with the W.R.E.N.S and the Wakefield Express. I am also posting flyers through the doors of people who live on my street (Cricketers Approach) please pass this message on to all concerned to come along on the day to give support to our cause. Thanks Joan