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jamie bruce

#1 the legend dat is da academy

2010-09-13 20:21

pls help us get enough signatures on dis page to save dance academy sum of my best ravin memories r from dat place wat a sick sick place it was eveyone joinin as one n stompin the nite away iave never eva been to anotherclub wit the atmosphere academy had lets take it bac to da old school bac toits rootz

wayne harries

#2 save dance academy!!

2010-09-14 00:43

saaaaaaaaaavvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee dance academy



2010-09-14 14:58



#4 JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2010-09-14 22:42


Alan Ford


2010-09-16 20:23

Dance Academy was an excellent Nightclub, enjoyed by all that went there, there was never any fights or trouble, why does a few peoples sillyness need to get in the way of a good time, SAVE D.A

wayne jones


2010-09-28 19:27

lets have every DANCE ACADEMY  Fan help him to get it re-opan again and help to fix it all back up as it wos

mini rajpal

#7 hello....

2010-12-01 16:26

i am deaf and mini.. i can chat u always... plz explain me it
az tarafe bokkone nanat to shahre no,ab tobeh rikhti ro sareh zanet ya na?chon ro nanat rikhtim,

#8 Re: JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2011-03-07 04:28

asgar hadad shab kon nanat

#9 Re: JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2011-03-07 04:42

#4: BEHZAD BAHMANZAD - JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

 you need to bring all your family,i mean all the slags dancing for us on the dance floor,specialy (YOUR SISTER)dont forget your wife to do strip dance for pepole,we all know you'll be satisfaction by that.

abbas aga

#10 Re: JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2011-03-07 06:09

#4: BEHZAD BAHMANZAD - JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

 4 GIVE BUT DONT 4 GET,TIL U REVENG!!!! its not ova til its ova.....................only god can juge me,u twt pretty boy,even u cant do ur nappie up,u drugies basterd push pepol to do drug.spend ur money for ur family and dont let them to sale themselves.idiot go to gomrok reveng from who fuck ur muma and ur sis.SAVE UR ASS NOT ACADEMY.U ALL CANT FUCK WIV GAVERMENT.THEY WILL FUCK U UP.TWTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS



2011-03-25 22:19

you must save your slag,whor,faukin bech,wife raderthan,save dance academy,u faukin pusy,,,,,,,,,,i looking forward to sleep with your wife again,send my love to your wifexxxx


#12 Re: Re: JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2012-10-17 18:17

#8: az tarafe bokkone nanat to shahre no,ab tobeh rikhti ro sareh zanet ya na?chon ro nanat rikhtim, - Re: JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

 kir to koseee bache konit kharetooo gaidam kos balla khare kharkosseee 6 mahe ta 60 salatooo gayidam ...kharkose khaye dariii tokhme babatiiii esmetooo begoooo ta zanooo bachatooo abjiyatoooo naneh jende kharkosatooo bejam,,, malome gorge baron zadeyie  ha ha ha ballahasaret omade ,,,,zan jendeeee kos balla khar    kiram to hamejaye hame kaset man allan inarooo didam ,,morde hatooo gayidam haroom zade


#13 Re: Re: JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2012-10-17 18:19

#10: abbas aga - Re: JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

 show ur face u pussy cunt ,,,,,prob u had all this happen abbas agha thats y u think ppl are like ya cunt fuckin jelous cunt


#14 Re: Re: JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2012-10-17 18:25

#9: asgar hadad shab kon nanat - Re: JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

 faghat 6mahe ta 60salatoooo gayidam khaye dariii show ya face kosnane ,,,,poshte sar harf zadan ya inja kari nadare khar kose bachehatooo ba zanetooo ke migayidam baba baba mikardan bepors nane jendatooo gayidam ,,,,age khaye nadari ro dar rooo beshiii passs kire harchi inglisiye to avaal ta akharet ,,,bye bye kos keshe bozorgggg hamaton rape kardam bepors az nanat ba abjiyash ,,,,age omidy abjiyaye nanatooo gaidam young fresh ,,,


#15 Re: Re: JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2012-10-17 18:29

#10: abbas aga - Re: JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

 none bazoto bokhor khar kose khaye malll,,, male mazandaraniiii ,,,ha ha ha none of ya fuckin bussiness u cunt motha fuck ya sisiter n her kids ,,,n fuck ya motha raping st fuck yel as i did u cunt ,,,u got bolls show ya f face ,,,,if not fuck ya all family from 6 months to 60 yrs ,,,,if u omid huh i fucked ya big time init 2 days hospital remember?????!!!! ha ha ha ha


#16 Re: Re: JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2012-10-17 18:32

#9: asgar hadad shab kon nanat - Re: JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

 ma wife is ur douther u forfot that!!!!! ha ha ha n ur mum n hercccccccccccccc sis n douthers n little brother did good suking job b4 they got done from behind ask them u cunt nicccccccccccccccccccxxxxxxxxxx


#17 Re: Re: JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2012-10-23 14:39

#9: asgar hadad shab kon nanat - Re: JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if u got bolls u cunt tell me who are you n met me .....fuck u n ua all family specialy ur kids n wife ino u had experience in ur life as ya family got raped thats y ,,,iranian cunt


#18 Re: Re: JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2012-10-23 14:41

#10: abbas aga - Re: JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just show ur face if u got bolls n ill make sure u neva forget me n wen u see ur doughter n wife ull see the pain in their ASS ha ha ha PUSSYYYYY

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