Force BCP council to take immediate action to remove travellers from our beautiful Poole Park or residents will stop paying council tax

Our beautiful Poole park has been overrun by travellers in recent days, they are making it a no go area with the mess, excrement and people are scared of them.

They have entered the park at a time when it was closed to vehicles meaning they forced entry. They have parked all over the cricket pitch and more than likely ruined that too.

Then today I hear the council has provided them with 30 portaloos!! Residents have witnessed ducks walking through human faeces all over paths, nappies and used toilet paper all over the place, kids playing in the play park that was closed off because of Covid and residents have now had enough.


They need to be gone and quick.


I for one am refusing to pay my council tax until this lot are gone for good and better measures are put in place to stop this happening again in the future, it's our park!!


Please share and sign this to get it to the BCP councils attention asap.

Thank you

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