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Please help us to show the government and local council the hard work we do deserves more than the national minimum wage.

A common misconception amongst the general public is that care workers are simply just glorified "bottom wipers".
However, we are SO much more than that. I wish words alone were enough to explain just how much more, but I am here to try.

For our carers at Caremark, we cover long hours, and recieve the national minimum wage for the dedicated work we do. However, we are all struggling to survive on the pay we recieve for the outstanding care we provide. We need YOUR help and support to continue to do what we do best. We all LOVE our job and customers and want to continue doing what we do best; caring for your loved ones.

Our carers show support to not only our lovely clients and their loved ones, but to eachother too. We provide care on all levels. A typical day as a care and support worker with caremark includes but is not limited to, supporting clients to take their medication on 3 levels. Prompting, assisting and administering. We are responsible for ensuring our clients take their medication which may be keeping them alive and well. We provide personal care to clients and support with moving and handling. We even provide end of life care and ensure your loved ones feel comfortable in their final hours.

My personal experience with caremark is that we are more than just a care company, we are FAMILY. We call ourselves THE BLUE TEAM! and that's what we do, we work together like a family.
Just to show how amazing our blue team are, recently one of our clients mobility scooter broke down on his way home (he was not with a carer at that time). He was able to contact our supervisor who sent a group message to the carers in the areas to see if anyone could help this gentleman get back home. SIX care and support workers showed up, in their own time to help him, and managed to get him home safely!

Unfortunately at this present time we are facing a crisis as we have a shortage of amazing staff. We believe one of the main reasons for this shortage is that care and support workers are not being paid enough for the care, deciation and hardwork they give, day in and day out. Some carers have been forced to leave the job they love to go to higher paid jobs at supermarkets alike.

We really do need YOUR help to shine a light on the hard work and dedication our carers provide and in hope we can increase the pay for carers and attract more amazing and caring individuals into the care industry.

Thank you so much for all of your support.

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