Establish World Weight Loss Day

Being overweight from Obesity is a major health problem in the World.

This petition aims to create a World Weight Loss Day that focuses on body fat and how we can all work together to lose it and be healthier for our futures.

30% of people have problems with overweight! The National Institutes of Health estimate that obesity costs Americans $190 billion every year—more than smoking or alcohol abuse.

We hope that you from your seat, in your home, and from your work environment, act in reducing obesity, and in speaking about obesity. We are asking you to support a petition that would create an International World Weight Loss Day.

The purpose of World Weight Loss Day is to encourage people worldwide to lose weight and become healthier. This can be achieved by creating a special day for people to work on their diets, exercise more, and improve their overall health.

We support people who identified obesity as an illness. We all strive to give more information to people about overweight, and how to live healthier lives.

We invite you to vote on this Petition List to create World Weight Loss Day and support our movement!

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