NHS frontline staff to be provided with FFP3 PPE masks during work - ESNEFT .

At Ipswich and Colchester Hospitals, the current advice regarding PPE mirrors PHE's misguided advice that surgical masks, gloves and an apron are adequate protection against Covid-19. 

Staff members at ESNEFT have fallen ill, and even died following contracting Covid. Many believe they caught it from work. 

Staff have concerns around the increased transmissibility of the new strains of the virus, the lack of ventilation on wards, the rapid increase in covid admissions, and the fact they feel inherently unsafe. 
The buzz-phrase at the moment, is 'protect the NHS'. But NHS staff are asking, who is going to protect them? When they're being subjected to wholly inadequate PPE they are concerned, but no one is listening to these concerns. 

Speak to virtually any staff member and they will tell you they feel unsafe working in surgical masks. In some departments, respirator masks have even been locked away to prevent staff accessing them. 

This is a protest to Nick Hulme at ESNEFT, to do the right thing and protect your staff through allowing them to use FFP3 as standard. Listen to your staff, who are telling you they feel unsafe and who believe the surgical masks provide no protection against CoViD. 

Surgical masks were not manufactured nor tested for use against respiratory viruses. They are not fit for purpose, and should not be used as protection from Covid. 

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