Doncaster Road Traffic/Crossing (Oakhill Primary Academy area)

We, as parents & carers strive to protect our children on a daily basis but when the simple act of taking our children to school becomes a risk then something needs to be done.
The Doncaster Road Crossing outside Oakhill Primary Academy has been left without a crossing patrol now for over a year and nothing seems to be getting done to minimise the risk of someone getting run over / killed.
When parents and carers approach the crossing to take our children to school, it quickly becomes a game of cat and mouse.
There are 2 lanes of traffic coming down the hill on the school side and 2 lanes of traffic coming up the hill on the crossing side. Often vehicles will slow down and we start to cross, only to be thrown back onto the pavement by a fast travelling van/car/lorry approaching in the other lane.

How many lives have to be lost before something will be done?

Apparently, the understanding is that a pelican crossing is not feasible as there is a crossing at the bottom of the road?
This is not good enough! 

Does a child need to lose his/her life? Does a parent have to witness their child thrown up into the air by oncoming traffc? or a child left traumatised after watching "mummy/daddy/granny" knocked down by a van/lorry?
SOMETHING has to be done and DONE NOW!!


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