Dinas Powys Primary- Mixing of Classes (Arrangements for 21/22)

We are asking you to support us as we insist that our children's school, Dinas Powys Primary, reconsider their arrangements for the classes in September 2021.

After the upsetting scenes witnessed by many of the families on Friday, we feel we have a duty to support our children in asking the Headteacher to reconsider plans to mix up the friendship groups next year.  We are so grateful for the way our wonderful teachers carried and supported our children through a difficult year with the pandemic and have relied heavily on the support of consisent friendships that they have made.  To rearrange classes for next year would unravel all the hard work done this past year and feel it will have a detrimental affect on the wellbeing of our children. The events of last Friday have already shown the upset it has caused. 

We ask that the school reverse their decision to mix the classes and instead, keep their current ones. 

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