Development of Redwoods, Beardwood Fold

Petition to oppose the development of Redwoods on Beardwood Fold, Blackburn BB2 7AS in to a care facility for 6 people with mental health and/or learning difficulties to be cared for by 9 carers 24 hours a day. 

This is opposed on the grounds of creating a nuisance particularly with lack of parking provisions for the staff as the property can only be accessed via a single track private road and thus creating disruption to the residents of the Fold. 

From previous experience, a property on Quebec Road for young offenders resulted in criminal activity and 3 local residents arrested following an altercation at the property after they chased a thief into the garden of the property. Very well documented by the police, local MP and councillors.

No details have been provided of the frameworks that are approved to take referrals from. This could result it in teenagers which are on bail or ex-offenders being placed in bridge housing at Beardwood Fold.

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