Delivery Drivers Parking

We all have suffered a bad year due to Covid, many laid off from work, loosing loved ones and many other impacts it has had.

Delivery drivers in the lockdown played a large part some delivered medicines, groceries and fast food from the restaurants to the end customer. Risking ourselves to make sure we provided services what was needed.

We were allowed to park in the town centres and collect deliveries without any consequences from Kirklees and it's traffic wardens.

Now the lockdown has ended the drivers are being treated unfairly, told to move along, can't park here in unprofessional manners and shouted too.

If we were treated with respect during the lockdown, what difference has it made after the lockdown not to be treated with respect.

Kirklees Council at no point have taken into consideration whilst changing the HUDDERSFIELD blueprints, to approach the delivery drivers.

Not considered what financial implications it has had on our line of work, we have just be thrown away like trash in a bin. We ask Kirklees Council for a solution where we can be given a lay by for picking up deliveries.

Another option would be to issue monthly permits which would have a set fee monthly, what will generate income to the council and keep the income generating for the delivery drivers too.

Similar to taxi drivers.

The most we spend at any restaurants is between 5-10 mins and we go and deliver the food.

Kirklees Council we humbly request that you please talk to us and find a solution together.

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