Cromarty Harbour modernisation - call for support

Dear Black Isle resident/ business / Voluntary Organisation / Trust   

As you may be aware The Cromarty Trust has applied for funding to Highland & Moray Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG) to assist in the development of our historic harbour.  Importantly the FLAG brief focuses on developing the asset and is not about restoration; this will feature in the future.

With this application in train, we would like to ensure that residents, local businesses and groups are aware of our activity and specifically what we are doing in this application.   Slowly but surely we are starting to see improvements at the harbour, although these remain in small in nature.  With this funding in place we aim to modernise much of the facility, including new railings, ladders, improved berthing (structural repair to Inner Admiralty pier has now been commissioned), new electrical supply, interpretative panels, benches and new sheds. 

To achieve all this and to strengthen our grant application, we need your support to help get us over the approval line.  This is at the beginning of March, so not much time. 

However, it would be remiss of us not to add that whilst the FLAG funding may give us as much as 75% of the estimated cost of our ‘modernisation requirements’, we will still have to find the balance to make it happen, although we are exploring ways to achieve this.  

Please sign your support today, the clock is ticking.   If you would like more information or want to help, please contact us via our website at

Thank you

Chairman's Working Group

Cromarty Harbour Trust

PS A photo just in case you'd forgotten how tranquil and pretty the harbour can be.