Cirali beach is one of the rare hot spots of Turkey in Mediterranean ecological system.  The beach is 3.2 km long and hosts 18 different endemic plants and is one of the succesful nesting sites of Caretta Caretta sea turtles which are growing in numbers every year due to dedicated conservation efforts. Many other animal and plant species are under the protection of international Bern Treaty and international organisations are putting their efforts for their protection.

Cirali beach is in 1. Degree Natural Protected area which is a part of Olympos, Beydaglari National Park.

Due to the its pristine condition and natural habitat, the beach was honored with many awards and earned worlwide fame. This also increased the apetite of many investers. Even though those investors tried many lobby efforts and scams, up untill now they were not successful thanks to the concerned villagers and world citizens.

Today this pristine beach is AGAIN UNDER THREAT!

Together lets save the natural existance of the beach and habitat that it harbours. Please sign this petiton to help to save our natural values and the future of the beauty of our country. Please join!

You may alternatively send your opion and request to stop this development on the beach by e-mailing to the authorities and the development owner through addresses below.

Project Owner/Investor Mr. Hüseyin Gedik owner of Nerissa Hotel in Çıralı or


Presidency of The Republic of Turkey

Prime Ministry of the Republic of Turkey

Turkish Parlamaint

Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Turkey

Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation of the Republic of Turkey

Ministry of Forestry and Water of the Republic of Turkey or

Ministry of Tourism and Culture of the Republic of Turkey