Changes in Aptamil new formula affects babies well being

I am making a petition to bring light on the fact that the new aptamil formula its not suitable for babies. My little one has been on aptamil after I have lost my natural milk supply due to health issues and we had no problems  with it although in composition contains palm oil. After few month with same formula Aptamil decide to change the composition of the formula they had on market, which is understandable due to palm oil use scancause with new formula, but with new formula lots of issues come through like constant diarrhoea,  upset stomach, abdominal cramps, dehydration and in the end loss of weight. This was so upsetting and we went to our GP about it without knowing the cause is the formula we using it. Aptamil gives a two weeks adjusting time but after 3 weeks only got worst so we decided to switch to a different formula only to see instant changes in my baby's behaviour and well being more happy better sleep normal nappies etc. I have contacted Aptamil com about this  and I was told that is not the case and its safe for all babies only to go on social media and mothers groups to find that I am not the only one. 

Please sign this petition and help me rise awareness and cause a recall in this formula that will make a lot of babies sick and unwell. 

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