Reconsideration of May Mocks

Since the beginning of term of the second year, the A2s have found themselves having their lessons disrupted by the constant occurrence of mocks, which have not only further caused them distress but have also contributed to even more fragmented learning. Formal mocks, under exam conditions, have taken place three times so far, alongside official assignments with strict deadlines, and we have only just reached the end of the spring term. As pointed out by the government, the A2s of this year have been under tremendous stress, more than usual, and should therefore not be expected to keep on sitting exams, which only projects them to even more disruption and anxiety. This would not have been expected of A2 students under normal circumstances, so it seems rather questionable and unfair for students who have faced a year of such turmoil to be pressured into doing.  


This petition is an appeal to the upcoming mocks in May, mainly based on the supporting material that the government has provided teachers with. The supporting material, which according to the official government page contains ‘optional’ exam-style questions and assessments, has been pointed out to not be compulsory, but should only be used in case the teachers need to collect more evidence for their students’ progress.


Alternative Options:

1. Students can appeal the grades they have received if they consider them to be unfair, which is why the publication of grades will be on August 10th, in comparison to usually late August, so they have more time to appeal the grade and ensure they keep their place in the university they have chosen to attend. In addition, they have the option to formally sit exams in the fall, and pass into the university of their choice with those grades.

2. Since students have completed more than enough mocks and assessments, in most subjects, they should be given the choice as to whether they want to do more of them or not, something which has not been the case, as students have so far simply received news of mocks coming up, over and over again, with only less of a month notice, and have been expected to sit them and excel at them, despite their already disrupted courses.

3. Students can complete some of the supporting material the government has provided, but not under exam conditions. They can be carried out as class work or even homework with an official deadline, similarly to the February assignments.


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