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Call on the FA to stop the ban on football training during this second Lockdownn.

There is no evidence to suggest that football training is causing a spread of Covid -19.Therefore there is no reason to ban it. Our young peolple have been subjected to an enforced lockdown for most of this year. For their wellbeing, it is essential that they are allowed to meet and train. Medically it is proven that physical exercise improves mental and emotional health as well as physical. This is especially important during these difficult times when there are increased reports of depression

Created: 2020-11-05

Time period All countries United Kingdom
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Last month 1 12

The people of Ennistymon say NO to the Puca statue

Clare County Council has decided, without consultation with local people, that Ennistymon will be the location for a piece of art which is not relevant to the town or its history. Please sign this petition to register your objection to this statue being erected in Ennistymon.

Created: 2021-05-14

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 263 11
Last month 263 11

Reinstate Wardy with apologies! VRA

Our UK president has done the honerable thing and resigned under pressure and criticism of his involvement as president of the UK VRA. However, the majority of members are deeply saddened and dishartened by this news, especially during these difficult times. This has been perticularly shocking as Wardys involvement has never been questioned by anyone in the club and before all the covid lockdown shitshow he was all over the club, events, forums, meeting new people and under his leadership has gr

Created: 2020-10-29

Time period All countries United Kingdom
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Last month 11 11

keira should post on insta :)

I think people should sign this petition to make the world a better place and they will be very blessed to see keiras insta feed😙

Created: 2021-07-28

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 9 9
Last month 9 9

Mason Road

To name the new Bettystown 'spine road' 'Mason Road' and to extend the vote deadline of 12 noon Friday for the current pre-chosen options by two weeks to give supporters of 'Mason Road' the opportunity to register their support.

Created: 2021-07-07

Time period All countries United Kingdom
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Last month 866 9

Незабавно освобождаване на задържания в Беларус журналист Роман Протасевич

По време на принудителното кацане на пътнически самолет на Ryanair в Минск, който изпълняваше редовен граждански полет от Атина до Вилнюс, безопасността на пътниците на борда беше сериозно застрашена и по-късно беше задържан опозиционният журналист Роман Протасевич. Актът може да бъде характеризиран като противоречащ на международното право и дори описан като форма на тероризъм, организиран на държавно ниво. Задържането на опозиционния белоруски журналист Роман Протасевич, чийто пряк живот е в н

Created: 2021-05-24

Time period All countries United Kingdom
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Last month 1 9

We Want Stu Wood Back at TeamCC at 6am Each Day

Many of us have seen our fair share of adversity this year. Since Lockdown 2.0 ended, the final straw for many of us was not seeing that fur lined hood and trucker cap come around the corner of the mall into the TeamCC waiting area, holding his cup of coffee and dispensing his unique brand urban philisophy and sunshine to all his fellow 6am crew. This petition is our chance to stand up and say "Stu Wood, we want you back" - lets not take this sitting down, there's only so much shit we are prepar

Created: 2020-12-08

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 9 9
Last month 9 9

305 Guest House needs your help! To re-open our coffee shop & save Beauty @ 305 from possible closure.

We need your help! If you are in favour of our coffee shop re-opening, the beauty spa not being closed down & the prevention of more job losses at 305 Guest House, please show your support by signing! To re-open our coffee shop, we have applied to the council to rezone our area  from Special Residential 900 to General Residential 3 - please sign to help us get this permission granted. This Petition is being addressed to: The Regional Co-Ordinator: South Region, Land Use Management Branch 6-

Created: 2021-07-23

Time period All countries United Kingdom
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Last month 732 8

AVEK’s operations must be secured and developed further.

  AVEK’s operations must be secured and developed further. AVEK promotes audiovisual culture in Finland with copyright remunerations. AVEK’s globally unique operating model has been an important factor behind the variety and international success of Finnish audiovisual art, media art and documentaries. AVEK provides support for the development of various types of films and genres, cultural exports, the advanced and supplementary education of creators in the audiovisual field and for arranging fe

Created: 2021-07-05

Time period All countries United Kingdom
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Last month 915 8

Vaccines to the Himalayas - Open Letter to the European Commission

Open Letter to the European Commission to facilitate direct transfers of excess Covid-19 vaccines from EU member states to the countries with most urgent needs, namely Nepal and Bhutan Dear Commission President von der Leyen, We would like to bring to your attention the pressing issue of excess vaccines which were purchased by the member states through the centralized EU vaccine acquisition mechanism. Many of these vaccines, such as Vaxzervia produced by AstraZeneca, are not being administered

Created: 2021-07-04

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 222 8
Last month 222 8