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Request to start online classes for the primary school during pandemic situation

We the parents will be really happy with the online classes which has been held by almost all the schools in other countries. The schools should put effort to give online education to our kids during this heavy Pandemic. So PLEASE ALLOW THE PRIMARY SCHOOLS WITH THEIR ONLINE CLASSES

Created: 2021-01-02

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 15 15
Last month 15 15

Petition to Introduce Operational Hours of Use at Waterside Gardens

For many years, residents in the local area have had a number of incidents of antisocial behaviour. Whilst the antisocial behaviour does occur throughout the year, in the Spring and Summer months, activity in the Waterside Gardens does increase causing higher nuisance reports. We are seeking your support to our petition to LB Tower Hamlets to introduce similar operational hours of use at Waterside Gardens, as is the case at Wapping Rose Gardens which is operated from 0600 to 2100 daily. The purp

Created: 2021-07-29

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 17 17
Last month 14 14

The People V HM Government for False Advertising surrounding Covid19

On the 8th February, I will be launching a Group Litigation Order (GLO) against the UK Government for False Advertising surrounding the Covid19 campaigns. Until people start being held accountable, this will never end. Although I only need 18 signatures to file this order, I believe it will strengthen the case for the Judge to see how many people are backing this fight. Since March 2020, the UK Government have spent billions of pounds of tax payers money on illegal advertising surrounding Covid1

Created: 2021-02-01

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 18345 17788
Last month 14 14

Improvement of Safety and Parking in Dovecote PE10 0SY

Dovecote Residents..... With reference to Parking issues and Safety concerns within Dovecote, Since the construction of Dovecote in the 1950’s many things have changed and today’s modern lifestyle more than ever requires People to be Car Owners to live in a Village, when Dovecote was built I doubt many of the residents owned a Car, however in recent years this has changed considerably and many families in Dovecote now own a Car or even more than one Car. It is obvious that Dovecote was not desig

Created: 2020-11-19

Time period All countries United Kingdom
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Last month 14 14

Premises Licence of The Roundhouse Dagenham

We are kindly asking all devoted customers, regulars and the local community surrounding The Roundhouse Pub & Events Hall to sign this petition to keep the venue and its famous history in existance.  The Roundhouse is home to several residential live bands and Dj's on a weekly basis to keep the history of live music alive! The Events Hall is also home to several darts and boxing clubs which holds championships and tournaments for juniors up to seniors, here we also hold live music events wit

Created: 2020-03-11

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 1232 1201
Last month 14 14

Shut down Crystal Palace

Crysral Palace are a discrase to the Premier League. The world would be better without them. 

Created: 2021-04-19

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 14 13
Last month 14 13

A single father of colour, fighting for his innocence due to a miscarriage of justice

Jasbinder Singh has been sentenced to life in prison. Without any forensic evidence or eye-witness accounts to aid his conviction and be proven guilty, he endured a 10-week long trial period to long protest his innocence.As a single father of colour, his 4 children, one currently in foster care, are left alone. Jasbinder has been in prison since last August and has been over-strained mentally and physically as a result of being sustained in harsh conditions before, during, and after his trial. H

Created: 2021-07-23

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 21 15
Last month 16 12


Since the beginning of the current academic year, the Pedagogical University of Krakow - the oldest teacher training higher education institution in Poland - has been subject to the so-called ‘recovery plan’ (or ‘programme’). The newly elected University Authorities legitimise the need to implement it by referring to the alleged risk of imminent financial collapse. The main measure taken under the framework of the plan involves heavy redundancies. Yet, growing evidence has come to light which ch

Created: 2021-05-30

Time period All countries United Kingdom
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Last month 33 12

Save our country side and make people aware!

Development is a major problem in the UK. Our countryside is disappearing and many trees and habitats are destroyed everyday. To support us, sign this petition to preserve nature and make people aware of the places that are better to develop.

Created: 2020-12-14

Time period All countries United Kingdom
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Last month 13 12

Make a change for less natural habitat loss.

Natural habitat loss is a huge problem and we need to stop it. The governement needs to put rules in place so that we are less harmfull to all the animals. we need new regulations such as strees that provide nateral habitat cannot be cut down for timber. please sign this petition as it will help the world be a better place.

Created: 2020-12-14

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 15 12
Last month 15 12