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Bring back Rowntree's Cabana chocolate bar!

Recently Cadbury brought back an old chocolate bar due to a petition. I saw the story on the Manchester Evening News Facebook page. I made a comment regarding the Rowntree's Cabana chocolate bar wishing it would also make a come back. Likes and comments agreeing followed so I thought it's worth a shot?! So let's see if people power can get our caramel, coconut and cherry pieces wrapped in milk chocolate bar returned to our shop shelves!!!! 

Created: 2020-01-04

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7 days 11 11

Residential parking in Newquay

Please sign this petition to ask our council, to put up temporary parking signs in Newquay's residential areas. The signs would welcome visitors but politely ask them to use the car parks and avoid residential streets during Covid. This would allow visitor numbers to be controlled without harming tourism. It would also protect the residents and allow them to safely carry on with their daily lives and work. It gives a message of controlled welcome.

Created: 2020-07-25

Time period All countries United Kingdom
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7 days 10 10

Appeal to CEO and President of Pandora Alexander Lacik

We request that the board of Pandora, primarily the CEO and President Alexander Lacik urgently review the outstanding complaints and provide their customers with some honesty and a workable framework that they can uphold.   Pandora, a multi-million-pound profitable company, have not been responding to many customer complaints regarding refunds for some time. Whilst the public accept that we have been going through a time of a global crisis, we do not accept being misled repeatedly. For many of u

Created: 2020-07-18

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7 days 10 10

پیگیری مشکلات آزمون مجازی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی لرستان

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیممعاونت محترم آموزش وزارت بهداشتجناب آقای دکتر حقدوستبا سلاماینجانبان دانشجویان دانشگاه علوم پزشکی لرستان طبق بخشنامه ی وزارت بهداشت و تصمیم گیری دانشگاه مشمول شرکت در آزمون های پایان ترم بصورت مجازی هستیم.با توجه به شیوع بیماری کرونا دروس عملی برخی رشته ها بطور کامل حذف و دروس تئوری با وجود کاستی ها و کم لطفی قابل توجه اساتید بصورت مجازی برگزار گردید.با وجود تمام مشکلات ما دانشجویان با سعی دوچندان و تلاش مضاعف سعی در تفهیم مطالب و گذراندن امتحانات با امید موفقیت در آنان بود

Created: 2020-07-29

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Divine wellness Manchester

Hi We would like people to support us with our vision in creatingDivine Wellness Manchester  At the moment this building is an abandoned building, it's a beautiful building and myself and my nephew would like to bring this building alive. Our vision is to create a family friendly social space where people can come and enjoy our fresh organic home-made vegan foods, it would be a place where everybody is welcome to learn about health and how to cook healthy meals for themselves because everything

Created: 2020-06-30

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7 days 7 6

a seventh series of friday night dinner 😌🤚✨

There has been rumours about a possible seventh series of 'Friday night dinner' however, whilst scrolling through some articles about it, I discovered that All4 will be willing to do another series as it has been very successful. We are still not sure whether Robert Popper wants to do a series 7. I'm guessing that all fans of the show would be delighted at another series. Please sign this petition if that is something that you'd like. Thank you <3

Created: 2020-08-01

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7 days 5 5

Hachette, Re-Publish the only children's book on African & Caribbean people in Britain

Dear Mr. Shelley, As chief executive of Hachette UK, you recently joined many UK business leaders by issuing a statement in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, who led massive demonstrations against police brutality in the US and the UK, and against institutional racism. In your statement, you said that “... there is a more urgent need than ever for us to stand together and educate ourselves, become better allies and offer financial support where we can.” You also related how reading a p

Created: 2020-06-20

Time period All countries United Kingdom
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7 days 6 5


Stand with us Stop the slaughter of People with albinism in AfricaHelp us break the silent chain of  body part trafficking NOW! In February 2015 in Geita, Tanzania,  a one year old boy called Yohana was snatched from his mothers arms’.  The attackers came in the middle of the night and took Yohana away, leaving his mother badly injured by a machete as she tried to protect him. Yohana’s completely dismembered body was found several days later buried in nearby corn field. In April 2016, David Flet

Created: 2017-03-02

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Request for fee reduction and online live classes at BSM

1. We request that BSM reduces term three fees of 2019/2020 and next academic year 2020/2021 if the learning is going to be taught online as well, for the following reasons :       1. Since the closure of school from 13 March 2020, operating costs of BSM has reduced. Students and staff are not using the classes, sports facilities, music and dance halls, libraries, theaters and staff rooms. All printers, photocopying machines, stationeries and all class resources are not utilised. Further, the co

Created: 2020-05-19

Time period All countries United Kingdom
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7 days 47 4

Newcastle United Supporters Trust to donate money from fans to key workers

Our page Newcastle United FC Fans have been asked to help to get NUST to donate some money to key workers from the over £30k that's sitting in their account. Money that fans donated and now want to help the vulnerable. Thank you 

Created: 2020-04-04

Time period All countries United Kingdom
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7 days 3 3