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Barclays Bank Marple Branch Closure

The Marple Branch of Barclays Bank is due to close on August 21st 2021. Concerns from local residents is the ability for those who do not use online banking to have quality access to facilities. Barclays have stated that the local Post Offcie can be used but this is a small shop and already heavily relied upon for other businesses with queues outside on a regular basis.  This is also another loss of local trade and protecting our high streets at the this time is very important. We as a community

Created: 2021-05-23

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Hutchison 3G has applied to Hillingdon Council to erect a phone mast in the Copsewood Estate, at the junction of Linksway and Copsewood Way. Such an erection would be completely out of character of the surrounding area which is primarly a residential area of natural beauty where a large number of trees are protected to retain the character of the area. There are other locations not far from the chosen site which would be equally if not more conducive to such an erection, and these should be cons

Created: 2021-05-17

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Halvempi koronavirustesti omiin kotimaihinsa matkustaville! Affordable Covid19-test for travelers reaching their own home countries!

[Suomi/English below] Vaadimme että Suomessa koronavirustestien hinnat matkustamista varten olisivat kohtuullisia, kaikille saavutettavia ja muiden EU-maiden testien hintojen mukaisia. Turismi tai työ eivät ole ainoita syitä matkustamiselle. Suomessa asuville ulkomaalaistaustaisille (noin puoli miljoonaa) sekä ulkosuomalaisille (yli 1,6 miljoonaa) matkustaminen on välttämätöntä, jos haluaa tavata omia vanhempia, sisaruksia ja muita läheisiä. Useat ovat menettäneet sukulaisia ja rakkaita ihmisiä

Created: 2021-05-09

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Safe routes to school: Streatham Vale/Greyhound Terrace/Grove Road junction

Calling on all local residents to support steps to make the junction at Streatham Vale/Greyhound Terrace/ Leonard Road, in Streatham South a safe route to school and for all pedestrians.    This junction is used every morning and afternoon by hundreds of children and their families who walk or cycle to school. It is a major access point for the pupils of Granton Primary School. There is also a nursery located on the junction, and it is an access point for the Streatham Community Youth Centre and

Created: 2021-03-20

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“STOP THE RELIGIOUS STATE” PETITION - removal of article 196 from Polish Penal Code in defence of artistic freedom and freedom of expression

To: Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, Members of Parliament:   Article 196 of the Polish Penal Code states the following: Whoever offends the religious feelings of other persons by outraging in public an object of religious worship or a place dedicated to the public celebration of religious rites, shall be subject to a fine, the penalty of restriction of liberty or the penalty of deprivation of liberty for up to 2 years. This is an offence prosecuted ex officio by the public prosecutor's office

Created: 2021-03-12

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petition for koo to stop bullying jen

50 signs for koo to stop bullying jen ,, thank you

Created: 2021-01-23

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STORMONT ASSEMBLY: Prevent any restrictions on those who refuse a Covid vaccine!

WE THE UNDERSIGNED, DEMAND OUR RIGHT TO BODILY INTEGRITY TO BE PROTECTED, UPHELD AND RESPECTED BY ALL MEMBERS OF OUR GOVERNMENT. ANY proposed restrictions put forward by any parliament member or public health body, on the people who refuse the Covid Vaccine MUST be unequivocally REJECTED by the Stormont assembly.WE DO NOT CONSENT to any proposed plans by government to coerce any member of the public into taking any Vaccine. Especially one that has bypassed all usual safety protocols before bein

Created: 2020-11-18

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Kew has been blighted by traffic chaos, increased danger and increased pollution following the introduction of London Borough of Richmond-Upon-Thames’s controversial ‘Experimental Traffic Scheme’ on Kew Road.  The scheme: ·         Has been introduced in an undemocratic way with no prior consultation. ·         Is causing additional displacement parking putting further pressure on Kew Green        and residential roads adjoining Kew Road. ·         Will force 60 coaches per day onto Kew Green, w

Created: 2020-11-02

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Reinstate Wardy with apologies! VRA

Our UK president has done the honerable thing and resigned under pressure and criticism of his involvement as president of the UK VRA. However, the majority of members are deeply saddened and dishartened by this news, especially during these difficult times. This has been perticularly shocking as Wardys involvement has never been questioned by anyone in the club and before all the covid lockdown shitshow he was all over the club, events, forums, meeting new people and under his leadership has gr

Created: 2020-10-29

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Refurbishment of Manor Gardens Basketball Court, Tennis Courts and Skate Park Extension. As a regular user of the skatepark in Manor Gardens I've seen the popularity of the all of the sports facilities grow over the years. Unfortunately, the maintenance of these facilities in non-existent, which is why I have created this petition. I hope to gain funding from the Council, and outside sources, for collective refurbishment of these facilities; Basketball Court: The ground needs complete resurfacing and co

Created: 2020-09-13

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