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Merlin Project 2021

Following Eoin Macken's request (21/10/21), who portrayed Sir Gwaine in the BBC TV serie "Merlin", here's a petition to show our support and endless love towards the show which ended in 2012.  The show recalled the adventures of a young warlock -in a land of myths and legends. His name : Merlin.  Despite almost a decade since the finale, this is still a well-beloved serie, and fans around the world are still active, creating content such as artwork, fanfictions and endless gifsets.  Since the s

Created: 2021-10-21 Statistics

Peadophile sympathisers should not be honoured

It has just come to my attention that people are trying to have the names of new roads at the St Wilfrids High School site in Litherland Liverpool, named after former head teachers. This school had a peadophile case in the 90s and there are two head masters who were incompetent and sympathetic towards the actual perpetrator of this abuse!! This would be a horrendous thing to happen if these people were honoured by the names of roads being named after them! 

Created: 2021-08-12 Statistics

Calum Crease for centre

Calum has the size, ability and wits to play centre and improve the back line. These traits were showcased beautifully against Cooke 2XV. 

Created: 2021-10-16 Statistics

Petition for traffic lights

Pendle Road Leyland is a area that has a problem with traffic  wanting to exit Pendle road into the main traffic, it can take ages to get out from Pendle Road as the main traffic  flow dose not allow traffic out and it can take 10 mins + Chatting with Councilor Mark  Clifford  a petition would help show the local authority the problem that the resedents of Pendle Road , Mendip Road and other adjoining streets suffering with this traffic issue. A filter set of traffic lights would help sort this

Created: 2021-09-01 Statistics

keira should post on insta :)

I think people should sign this petition to make the world a better place and they will be very blessed to see keiras insta feed😙

Created: 2021-07-28 Statistics

Suffolk New College Rural transport improvements

Last term Suffolk New College announced that the Inclusive Learning department would move to SNC Rural in Otley. The Otley campus offers a more spacious environment, with a purpose built flat for students to learn practical life skills. Students inducted in the summer term of 2021, visiting in SNC shuttle buses with staff accompanying them. No shuttle service was offered from September 2021 returning to Ipswich. Norfolk County Council Transport offers several coaches to various locations such as

Created: 2021-10-22 Statistics

Dogs & cats not to be sold for more than £100

This simple petition I think could stop all theft of dogs and all puppy  farming  I propose that no dog or cat can be sold for more than £100  This way people won't be interested if they can't make the amount of money dogs and cats are selling for now 

Created: 2021-09-21 Statistics

Petition to allow the use of Stand up Paddleboards on Ennerdale & Thirlmere

United utilities have this year 2021 stopped the use of paddleboards on two of its lake district lakes which were previously allowed. They still allow the use of Kayaks and Canoes on these lakes (this includes inflatables) The reason is, they consider there is a higher risk of drowning accidents by the use of SUPs due the increased risk of falling into cold water. SUP has incresed masively in popularity however there have been no calls for emergency services to SUP accidents or drownings in eith

Created: 2021-08-18 Statistics

The Removal of the Board of Trustees from the Carlow Home

We the undersigned wish to remove the existing board of the Carlow Home

Created: 2021-04-05 Statistics

Erect a Statue of Roger Hunt at Liverpool Football Club to acknowledge his footballing achievements with LFC and for England winning the World Cup in 1966

Fans have questioned for years; why isn't there a statue of Sir Roger in acknowledgement of the contribution he made to establishing Liverpool Football Club as the successful team it is today when he served under the management of the great Bill Shankly.. it's a travesty Roger didn't see a tribute statue to him during his lifetime however, now would be the perfect time to build a lasting tribute to show the world how proud we are in Liverpool of Sir Roger Hunt's achievements during his 11 years

Created: 2021-10-16 Statistics