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The granting of the licence of the Coach & Horses Harrogate to Samantha Nelson

Following recent issues, the Coach & Horses has lost its licence. These were nothing to do with the landlady of 18 months, Samantha Nelson.  Please support her totally responsible and professional stewardship of the pub during this time and her vision for the future of Harrogate's most popular "boozer". As the town's "Rovers Return", the Coach has a hugely important integral role in the community. The Coach & Horses is embedded in Harrogate culture and adds so much value to the town as a

Created: 2020-07-29

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We the undersigned are deeply concerned about the prospect of between 3 - 7 million people losing their jobs, as estimated by National Treasury. We call on Government to lift the lockdown and allow small and medium businesses to operate, while implementing safety measures.     

Created: 2020-05-22

Time period All countries United Kingdom
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30 days 10 9

The UN to intervene on the chaos in zimbabwe

The purpose of this Petition is to request that the United Nations or SADAC intervene into the chaos currently occurring in Zimbabwe. We can all clearly see that human rights are being violated and there are no fair Elections taking place. We want transparency and the figures are not making sense at all. We need individuals or organisations other than the current Zimbabwean government to clear up this mess because they are evidently not taking any form of control to counteract the problems that

Created: 2018-08-01

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30 days 24 9

Protect home buyers and sellers

England has no law and there is no protection for people buying or selling houses. In Scotland it is more robust. Bought a property in France and we had to put a 10% deposit when we said yes. That was a game changer. Both parties had a robust contract. If either one backed out, they lost that amount! England needs to get in on this idea! It's not right that anyone selling can just 'back out' and sell on Facebook. Please sign this to help anyone trying to find their forever home. Thank you!

Created: 2020-10-27

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30 days 9 8

Guinea Pigs for Laura

I am starting this petition to be allowed guinea pigs in my current home. I have done my research, I would now say I'm trained to be a good guinea pig mum. I believe it would be a wonderful edition to my little family. I have room, time and love for them. I take great care of Giorgio (my hamster), Barbra & Kenneth (my fish). I have too many reasons to fit in this box, if you need more details please contact me. I have included a poorly photoshopped edit of me with all my children. Thank you

Created: 2020-10-23

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South Africans unite against the heinous murders & rape of our citizens

What makes you a citizen of South Africa?  Obviously if you were born here, your parents were born here or if you legally obtained citizenship on emigrating here. However today, being a citizen means that you are part of a group, and that you have legal and political rights within that group. It brings with it both privileges and obligations.    What makes you a good citizen of South Africa?   Honesty – tell the truth. Integrity – be morally upright. Responsibility – be accountable for yourself

Created: 2020-10-11

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Refurbishment of Manor Gardens Basketball Court, Tennis Courts and Skate Park Extension. As a regular user of the skatepark in Manor Gardens I've seen the popularity of the all of the sports facilities grow over the years. Unfortunately, the maintenance of these facilities in non-existent, which is why I have created this petition. I hope to gain funding from the Council, and outside sources, for collective refurbishment of these facilities; Basketball Court: The ground needs complete resurfacing and co

Created: 2020-09-13

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TO:  International Criminal Court Prosecutor Ms. Fatou Bensouda We, Belarusians of the World and friends of Belarusian People, would like to draw the attention of the International Criminal Court to the multiple crimes against humanity, recently committed by self-proclaimed “president” of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, his state officials, and the members of his law enforcement bodies. We are asking you to respond to the disturbing and tragic events in Belarus, to protect the live

Created: 2020-09-03

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Skatepark for Saltburn

  The idea of a Skatepark in Saltburn has been talked about and championed for well over... 20 years?....If at first you don't succeed... well let's try again! We are reforming and and taking up the crusade again. The time is now!  Are you a parent/grandparent with young children/teenagers in Saltburn? If so, you will know there are few free facilities available in town.  With the popularity of video games and online gaming devices we want to instead promote exercise, health and social interact

Created: 2020-08-23

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Vote to demand FCA to take action against Lending Stream - The UK's number 1 irresponsible payday lender

Have you been funded several payday loans in under 90 seconds from Lending stream or its cronies Drafty / Gain credit ? Has this irresponsible lender lent too you one too many times? keeping you in a never ending loop of borrowing? Have they charged you extortionate interest fees? placing you in financial difficulty and extreme hardship. Are you tired and fed up with waiting 16+ weeks for these crooks to issue a final response to your complaint? Are you fuming at Lending Stream's clear violation

Created: 2020-10-23

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