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Petition For International Students at University of Debrecen to be Able to Travel Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic Without Fear of Penalty To Their Academic Study

Dear Dr. Mátyus, We kindly request your understanding in giving the International Students at University of Debrecen the ability to travel home during the COVID-19 pandemic without fear of penalty to their academic study. International students should be able to return home to their families during the pandemic without being penalized. This means: The university will do everything in its power to make sure that it will make arrangements for those students who travelled home to complete their exa

Created: 2020-03-15

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30 days 278 13

Stop the state from bailing out RICHARD BRANSON and Virgin Atlantic

Richard Branson sued the NHS when a contract was not given to him. Has laid off his staff from Virgin Atlantic and is now urging the U.K. Government and taxpayers to bail out his airline in the midst of covid19. A man who has his own private island and a net worth of $3.5 BILLION DOLLARS. His company Virgin Atlantic made £150 000 000. Sign this petition to stop our government bailing him out. its a disgrace! Retweet and share widely! 

Created: 2020-03-27

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30 days 13 12

Petition for the resignation of Dr. László Rovó from the rector position and his exclusion from the Hungarian Medical Chamber

As a university teacher i'm afraid, but I can't sit doing nothing!Because the leadership of our university, the deans, doctors are afraid too, but WE CAN PUT THE AUTHORITIES UNDER PRESSURE by the SOUND OF PUBLIC OPINION!We ask you, to sign this petition with which we demand the resignation of László Rovó from the rector position!We included some of the links to articles which deal with his case below.For those who can't speak hungarian, here is the short version of his story:On the 21st of march

Created: 2020-03-24

Time period All countries United Kingdom
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30 days 1567 12

Support our campaign to raise money to replace the shelter in the park

The shelter in Stackstead Riverside Park is over 20 years old and urgently needs to be replaced. Stacksteads Countryside Park Group are working to apply for grants and matched funding to raise the c£10,000 needed. Local schools are helping by signing their own petitions and holding sponsored walks when all coronavirus restrictions have been lifted. We need to show support from local residents as well so we’re  asking anyone who lives in the Stacksteads/Bacup area to sign this petition - thank yo

Created: 2020-03-21

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30 days 11 11

Ullenhall needs random police speed checks at peak traffic times.

The parish council has inititated a petition which is avaibable at The Winged Spur, alternatively you can complete the petition on-line here. We are asking you to support the proposition to be put to the Police and Crime Commissioner that: Ullenhall needs random police speed checks at peak traffic times, to dissuade speeding and stop the dangerous overaking through the village.

Created: 2020-03-09

Time period All countries United Kingdom
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30 days 11 11

Rezoning Petition for The Mini Farmers Sanctuary in Greenville County

We were told when buying our property that we were zoned with no restrictions. Those people have come forward and admitted they were wrong. We recently were served from a zoning officer stating our property does not allow livestock. And we must get rid of our animals by March 7th. We have applied to be rezoned which has put a hold on the March 7th date. Our first hearing will be on April 20th. Please help if you are able!!! Please sign your name and address to support the rezoning of The Mini F

Created: 2020-02-27

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30 days 313 11

Stop Zynga from terminating Star Wars Commander

We are asking for your support to let Zynga know that this unexpectedly closing of SWC is unacceptable. We the players of SWC stand strong on keeping the game playable for the foreseeable future! Dont let Zynga take it away. May the force be with you!

Created: 2020-03-14

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30 days 89 10

Name the NorthConnex Tunnel after Jim Adams.

This petition is to show support for the naming of the NorthConnex Tunnel after Jim Adams who lost his life during the construction of the tunnel on May 23rd 2017. To name this tunnel after a well respected man is a small token of appreciation for both the memory of Jim and his family.

Created: 2020-03-30

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An Open Letter to the Proctors, regarding the Timetabling of Exams

Dear Proctors.   We are writing to you at this busy time on one central issue: the timetabling of exams. Other letters have outlined a variety of student concerns that we hope you will take into account and this letter is by no means presented in lieu of other very reasonable requests for your consideration. Furthermore, this letter addresses a general cause beyond the specific matters of the SU's consultation paper.   One issue that has been universally faced by undergraduate Oxford Students is

Created: 2020-03-26

Time period All countries United Kingdom
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30 days 13 9

Channel4 - please show the final series of 'The 100'

Since it began in 2014, 'The 100' has been a very popular show all around the world.  It's produced by the CW network in the United States who have just announced that the 7th and final season will begin on 20th May in the US.  There are many, many fans of the show in the UK and we are asking Channel4 to show this series as soon as possible after that date as they can.  We'd also like it to be shown at a reasonable time - 9 or 10pm - not after midnight as they did with season 6.

Created: 2020-03-05

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 35 31
30 days 10 9