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Save Gabriel..The Brighton Beach Hut

We ask Brighton Council not to force the removal (and probable destruction) of Gabriel the 'beach hut' trailer. But to allow more time to find him a suitable home

Created: 2021-04-29 Statistics

Changing for P​.​E lessons: Giving Gifford Primary school children the rights to privacy & decency

Children as young as four and five years old are expected to get changed in school for their PE lessons. Girls and boys are forced to get changed together simultaneously in front of their teachers. Changing facilities are not being provided due to 'lack of free space'. Children are also not permitted to change in the toilets due to 'hygiene reasons'. Girls and boys are expected to casually change in front of each other in the same room until they reach year 6 (11 years old). This is not right an

Created: 2021-09-23 Statistics

Bring back Quizmaster Mike! Our community champion!

Please Woolwich Equitable reinstate Quizmaster Mike our community champion! in the bigger scheme of things: global pandemic, climate crisis, poverty, malnutrition and war, this might seem like a very silly petition, but it's exactly because of the bigger picture why it's not. The pandemic has ripped our communities apart causing social isolation and loneliness, this has led to increased mental health issues and poor wellbeing. It's important now more than ever to re-group, reunite and regain the

Created: 2021-08-06 Statistics

Our Goal: Our shared goal is to see educated standards and proven policies instituted and maintained at the Merl Grove High School, which are in the best interest of all Students and Educators

                   MGHS PSAs JOINT COMMITTEE NY Chapter - Sharon Wilson, PresidentCanadian Chapter - Simone Thomas PresidentJamaican Chapter - Shelly-Ann Morgan President “Calling out the truth may appear irresponsible to those who wish to hide it, however, it is the only way forward”. (Author unknown) "The heights by great men, reached and kept; were not attained by sudden flight.  But they, while their companion slept, were upward toiling through the night".   What We Believe... 'We have Liber

Created: 2021-09-10 Statistics

New Zealand Flower Farmers deserve fairer treatment and consideration. Support contactless deliveries for cut flowers through level 3 and 4 Delta lockdown.

Our local cut flower growing industry is sinking fast! From small family farms to larger operations, all have been forced to destroy a heartbreaking amount of their beautiful blooms. Level 4 Delta has left the cut flower farming community at a breaking point - financially, physically and emotionally - even though there are many ways to distribute their flowers safely.   Listen to Ella Stewarts report on our industry with Aila and Christy and the way this has affected their production and a possi

Created: 2021-09-07 Statistics

Peadophile sympathisers should not be honoured

It has just come to my attention that people are trying to have the names of new roads at the St Wilfrids High School site in Litherland Liverpool, named after former head teachers. This school had a peadophile case in the 90s and there are two head masters who were incompetent and sympathetic towards the actual perpetrator of this abuse!! This would be a horrendous thing to happen if these people were honoured by the names of roads being named after them! 

Created: 2021-08-12 Statistics

The People V HM Government for False Advertising surrounding Covid19

On the 8th February, I will be launching a Group Litigation Order (GLO) against the UK Government for False Advertising surrounding the Covid19 campaigns. Until people start being held accountable, this will never end. Although I only need 18 signatures to file this order, I believe it will strengthen the case for the Judge to see how many people are backing this fight. Since March 2020, the UK Government have spent billions of pounds of tax payers money on illegal advertising surrounding Covid1

Created: 2021-02-01 Statistics

Petition for traffic lights

Pendle Road Leyland is a area that has a problem with traffic  wanting to exit Pendle road into the main traffic, it can take ages to get out from Pendle Road as the main traffic  flow dose not allow traffic out and it can take 10 mins + Chatting with Councilor Mark  Clifford  a petition would help show the local authority the problem that the resedents of Pendle Road , Mendip Road and other adjoining streets suffering with this traffic issue. A filter set of traffic lights would help sort this

Created: 2021-09-01 Statistics

"Where there is risk, there must be choice"- A petition to retract the decision to make COVID Vaccine a mandatory vaccine ONLY for staff working in Care Homes.

I'm here today because I want to support the human right of every individual to say 'yes' or 'no' to vaccination. I, personally, am vaccinated, but I believe it is my colleagues' right to not get vaccinated if they don't want to." I am doing this petition on behalf of all staff in Carders Court Care Village in Rochdale after many of our colleagues resigned or are losing their job due to Government's new rule.  Out of 100s of staffs working in this site, we may be loosing 4 beautiful staffs, one

Created: 2021-09-20 Statistics

keira should post on insta :)

I think people should sign this petition to make the world a better place and they will be very blessed to see keiras insta feed😙

Created: 2021-07-28 Statistics