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Free the Paxton one

Jeff Hill, a long respect member of the great Paxton community has been removed from the great Paxton community group for calling the administrator a knob. Please join in our efforts to #freethepaxtonone #vivelarevolucion #makepaxtongreatagain

Created: 2017-03-14 Statistics

Halal Nandos in Ipswich

Dear Nandos Lovers Nandos have decided that they will be looking to open a new Nandos in Ipswich in 2018. I had emailed them at the start of 2016 and after much discussion and persuasion they have agreed that it would be beneficial for themselves to open a second Nandos in our town. The decision to make the Nandos halal or not will be taken a few months before opening. I have requested that this Nandos be made halal to accommodate the some 5,000 Muslims living in the Ipswich area. Nandos operati

Created: 2016-11-29 Statistics


Hello animal-friends,  Circus with wild animals is forbidden in Belgium now about ten years. A dolphinarium is also a circus with wild animals; lots of them are even captured from their natural environment, the sea. SO THIS HAS TO STOP! Modern documentaries (on television) learn us that wild animals have a hard time in captivity, also in the usual zoos, and even worse for big predators like lions, bears, orca’s and also dolphins. They can’t live according to their natural instincts, hunting, pr

Created: 2016-05-11 Statistics

Bring back the car tax discs

A petition to the United Kingdom Government please take notice of this petition and bring back the car tax discs.

Created: 2017-11-21 Statistics

Cut ALL Goldhill Common Grass

Cut all Goldhill Common Grass We the undersigned call on the Chalfont St Peter Parish Council to cut ALL areas of the Goldhill Common grass this Summer, and to divert monies saved from scrapping the failed uncut-grass scheme into fixing surrounding paths’ and roads’ crumbling surfaces. Please note your House name/number, Road name and Postcode details will not be visible except to the author - required for verification purposes. Dear Fellow Goldhill Resident, SIGN THIS PETITION to fix the uns

Created: 2017-03-02 Statistics

We expect Norfolk County council to undertake road improvements in line with planning consent dated 4/1/17 before Persimmons are allowed start their build on Frenze Hall Lane

These improvements are essential for the road safety of pedestrians and motorists and to also reduce the amount of flooding under the railway bridge. They consist of: 1. Road widening on the corner adjacent to the railway bridge. 2. The removal of trees and shrubbery to give motorists a clear line of sight. 3. The connection of the already built Prince William Way estate balancing pond to a new drain connecting into the river (should have been done at least 5 years ago). 4. A connection spur int

Created: 2017-08-01 Statistics

We say no to new uniform colour and extortionate costs!!

I have created this petition to voice the opinion of many parents, , carers and family members who agree that St Catherine's school has always been Green and Yellow and should remain that way!! Parents and Carers of the school yesterday received notification of the extortionate costs for our children to go into the new Purple colour. This news was not well received with some mothers reporting costs of £80+ to uniform a girl in three sets of uniform, absolutely ridiculous! In time when schools ar

Created: 2017-06-17 Statistics

Linlithgow speed camera

Sign this petition so that West Lothian council put speed cameras on the Main Street road Linlithgow to Falkirk as people speed past at more than 30mph and there is a nursery on that road and at night time the speed is more than 50mph+ with boy racer type people speeding constantly

Created: 2017-05-27 Statistics

Justice for neighbours

We are writing this petition to finally get help/ justice for ourselves!! We would like to have something finally done about the Tennant in 338 redburn alexandria!! Constant disturbance, anti social behaviour and sheer stupidity coming from this address is no longer acceptable. Children who are in the street are witnessing things they shouldn't!! Children who live in the street along with every other neighbour are being woken at silly times through antisocial behaviour!! West Dunbartonshire coun

Created: 2017-04-29 Statistics

rutier code change

Hello, I made this petition in memory of my parents who were killed on the crossing of the pedestrians and in the memory of all victims of traffic accidents. Romania is the first in Europe to traffic accidents, people are no longer safe on both pedestrian crossings and sidewalks. Driving consciousness makes victims every day and laws are not in favor of victims, penalties being too small , For the murder of the guilty, even if the initial driver does no...t acknowledge the deed, and then on the

Created: 2017-02-16 Statistics

Support Donald Trump making state visit to U.K.

By signing this petition it shows that you agree and are happy with Donald Trump accepting the queens invite to the UK, in response to the petition to ban him. Because why not?????

Created: 2017-01-30 Statistics

Itv Must Revive Stars In Their Eyes In Its Original Mid-Late 1990s Format With The Return Of The Famous Triangular Doors & To Be Presented By Someone Whom Won't Ruin It Like Harry Hill Did

I will never forget the excitement of sitting on the edge of my seat watching the Stars In Their Eyes live grand final result every year when the names of all finalists & the amount of votes were read out live on air & shown on the screen. In it's 1990s heyday it was the ULTIMATE Saturday night HIT sitting down every week watching five ordinary members of the public from all walks of life walk through those famous triangular smokey doors as they uttered the famous words "Tonight Matthew,

Created: 2017-11-06 Statistics

Internment of all known jihadists in the U K

We the British public demand the internment of all known Islamic terrorists and supporters

Created: 2017-06-04 Statistics

Welcome President Trump to the UK

Please sign this petition if you want to welcome President Trump to the UK!? to visit our country & to meet Her Majesty The Queen.

Created: 2017-01-30 Statistics

LMS-Allow piercings and nails.

At lady manners school in bakewell students are being taken out of lessons and told of simply because they have piercings or false nails. Which I feel is unreasonable as neither of those things affect our education. Which should surely be the schools main concern? We are hoping to get rid of this rule. We are getting written as well as online signatures which we will take to the head of school along with a letter explaining our views and reasons for this. Hopefully when they see how many people

Created: 2017-01-17 Statistics

Require Doctors to inform women of PTLS before a tubal ligation

We require Doctors to tell us on the consent form prior to sterilisation of the side effects that is affecting thousands of women. Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome: Iatrogenesis affects that create negative health conditions after a tubal ligation or female sterilization surgery. Can be hormonal and or physical in nature. Health changes both physical and hormonal can cause mental health to be affected, causing loss of sexual drive for the woman, memory loss, depression, anger and rage. Iatroge

Created: 2014-06-15 Statistics

Bath-Time Karaoke to contiune

Benedict is stopping Bath-Time Karaoke as it was “only a christmas thing” but we want it continued with new performances and new songs! He says if this gets 30 signatures but February he’ll re-launch it

Created: 2017-12-28 Statistics

To stop the Government of today from changing Dla to Pip , this has already costs the life's of 81:000 people

Please support this petition we need a lot of signatures please 

Created: 2017-11-12 Statistics

Free Winston.

We want to free Winston and stop the seizure and killing of family pets without proof. The council have come and seized the family dog because someone has come onto the property in the middle of the night and my uncles dog has allegedly bitten them. (There is a witness who woke up to the commotion happening inside our side gate) This person has made a complaint and now the council has fined my uncle over $1500 in fines and declared the dog dangerous. When asked for proof they got told that MRC l

Created: 2017-09-12 Statistics


To have all the infos, go on our Facebook page: https: // Or on our website: I sign for the sand yachting to become an Olympic sport and to defend the values of freedom and peace of the Nations on this beautiful beach of Asnelles: a famous spot for sand yachting as well as a memorial site of June 6th 1944 landing, which 80th anniversary will be celebrated in 2024! What a magnificent symbol it would be

Created: 2017-06-19 Statistics