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Act against hatred - Soros posters in Budapest

Act against hatred You, who are disgusted by the torrent of repugnant posters and billboards against György Soros scattered all over Hungary; you, who viscerally refuse all forms of hatred-mongering; you, who feel that Hungary's economic and social leaders have added this final affront to many previous ones and ultimately sunk below even the lowest acceptable level of human and political honour, join me in signing this petition! We must protest!

Created: 2017-07-03 Statistics

Analytic Philosophy Department in Zagreb to be closed down

Call for Supporting our Colleagues in ZagrebDear All, the bad news from Zagreb philosophy circles is that Croatian authorities intend to close down the analytic philosophy department in Zagreb, the one belonging to the Faculty of Croatian Studies.This department is a very efficient center for analytic philosophy, doing mainly philosophy of science and philosophy of language. Also, they have excellent scholars in ancient studies and early modern philosophy. The department has always operated on i

Created: 2017-03-21 Statistics


                                  To whom it may concern,   We, the undersigned, have noticed an increase in products in your store with feminist slogans. And whilst we appreciate  the visibility of the feminist cause in mainstream fashion we can't help but feel that it is another case of corporations making money from a cause when the belief system it represents is not being adhered to by your company. It is one thing to print a slogan but quite another to incorporate that those ethics into yo

Created: 2017-03-30 Statistics

Instate Nigel Farage as mp for Thanet

in view of the corruption surrounding South Thanet , Nigel Farage should be automatically made mp of South Thanet.

Created: 2017-03-16 Statistics

Date required for a swimming pool to be built in Plymstock or Sherford

A date is required from Plymouth City Council when a public Swimming pool will be built in Plymstock or Sherford.?

Created: 2017-08-22 Statistics

Stand with the Christians of Syria

We the undersigned, stand in prayer with Syria's Christians. We recognise that if President Assad goes, the Syrian Christians, along with other minorities such as the Druze and the Alawites and other Shia Muslims, will be murdered or expelled by the jihadists. Like Iraq and Libya before, Syria would descend into chaos. We agree with the BBC’s respected defence correspondent Robert Pigott who said on 11th April 2017 if Assad goes, ‘ISIS and Al-Nusra will be fighting it out on the streets of Damas

Created: 2017-04-12 Statistics


1 Did you know Heart disease is the biggest killer of people in the Highlands?2 Did you know that cardiac rehab very significantly extends the life of heart attack victims?3 Did you know the highland public raised and donated the colossal million pounds that built the Highland Heartbeat Centre, opened in 2005?4 Do you know NHS  bureaucrats are now seizing the building from future Highland Heartbeat patients and ousting current specialist staff?5 If you live in the Highlands  your loved one, your

Created: 2017-02-08 Statistics

Hertsmere council need to sort out the youths problem.

Guys this pettition will tell Hertsmere Council to sort out the youths problem and take these harassers if the streets! Please sign this pettition which will be shown to the council.

Created: 2017-07-10 Statistics

Stop the killings by fulani herdsmen in Nigeria

    The Honorable CongressmanDear Congressman, We write to you as concerned Christian citizens of Nigeria who seek help from the international community to intercede in the devastating violence ravaging our towns. Due to the negligence and impunity of our own government, we have been forced to seek assistance abroad. As part of our efforts to raise awareness and petition action, we have collaborated with the US-based nonprofit organization, Jubilee Campaign. Jubilee Campaign has expressed that

Created: 2017-02-07 Statistics

Sign to ban stupid toilet rule at le rocquier school.

Le rocquier school have taken matters into there own hands after a small percentage of students were staying In the toilets for too long ever day. They have locked all the toilets and made 800 students and possibly more use a small toilet located outside the office. students must write there name in a book and let the staff know they are going. students are saying this is a breach against there privacy and human rights. Children have also said that desease  will spread quickly. HELP get them unl

Created: 2017-03-22 Statistics