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Don't shut down Claire's Accessories in Atlantic Village!!

This petition is to show that the local community and those further a field do not want this shop closed down. We believe it will be a huge loss to Atlantic village and our town. There are so many children who enjoy visiting this shop and we would all like to show our support. Please reconsider the decision and allow this shop to be kept open. For many of us with children/grandchildren etc Atlantic Village will not be worth visiting if this store is closed. 

Created: 2017-05-22 Statistics

Allow kevi students to be able to choose between the new/old uni

New uniform at kevi is not liked by a lot of students some even saying they went to the school due to no blazer and tie! So make it so that we have a choice in what we wear and if the whole school can't have it let the upcoming year 11s have the choice as they won't wear it for more than one year!

Created: 2017-03-16 Statistics

Let Eve go to Reading

would really appreciate u signing this many thanks

Created: 2017-02-28 Statistics

freedom for Nalan

We ask for imediate release of the civi turk activist Nalan , arrested in Romania. from 30 days preventive arrest in Romnaia and authorisation to return in Belgium. She risk deporattion to Turkey where is already waited for a 30 years sentence. due to oposition to diktator Erdogan. Her life is in danger in Turkey.  

Created: 2017-07-13 Statistics

Mark Catlin to be made freeman of the city of Portsmouth

If anybody deserves the honour of wing made a freeman of the city of portsmouth it surely should be CEO of portsmouth community football club Mr Mark Catlin , he lives and breathes Pompey , and has performed wanders since the fans took over , confident , honest , open and up front he has very quickly become a fans favourite performing miracles power sign this and let Mark Catlin get the recognition he deserves

Created: 2017-06-03 Statistics

Stop donkey slaughter in SA - Let's stand together!

 Stop donkey slaughter in SA - Let's stand together! The Highveld Horse Care Unit needs your help! Please sign this petition to show your support.    

Created: 2017-02-21 Statistics

Against Early Years Funding Withdrawal at Sherfield School

Please sign this petition in support of being against the outrageous decision to withdraw all Early years funding at Sherfield School.  This transformational change will impact personally and financially on many families. We haven't been provided with any clear indications of why this descision has been made. We want answers for the future of our children's education and development.   BRING BACK THE FUNDING!

Created: 2017-02-13 Statistics

I call upon Dublin City Council and Ardmhéara Mícheál MacDonncha to award posthumously the Freedom of the City of Dublin that was recently renounced by Bob Geldof to Philip Chevron

Philip (Ryan) Chevron, whom I and so many of you will well remember for his great work with the Radiators, The Pogues, Agnes Bernelle, the Project Arts Centre and so much more. Philip wrote many great songs and created theatrical works that reflected Dublin so well - much more so than Bob I would suggest. The man who wrote Kitty Ricketts and Faithful Departed and Under Clery's Clock and The Ha'penny Place and so much more doesn't deserve to be a Freeman, even posthumously, then I don't know who

Created: 2017-12-14 Statistics

Keep Highfield as a Community Primary School

Following the teachers strike on Thursday 27th April to protest against Highfield Community Primary School emerging with another School and to change our local school into an academy. Us as parents feel like we should also have a say in this decision as it's our children that attend that school. Therefore I am setting up this petition for Highfield Community Primary School to remain as it is. If you feel the same as me please feel free to sign and show that we are supporting the teachers every s

Created: 2017-04-28 Statistics

Andrew Takes Over Ben's Place In As It Is

As we all know, Andrew is *clearly* the better Biss so here's a petition to have him replace Ben in As It Is

Created: 2017-04-12 Statistics

Stop SATs in 2017

PLEASE ONLY SIGN THIS PETITION IF YOU ARE  A HEADTEACHER, DEPUTY HEAD OR ASSISTANT HEAD IN A PRIMARY SCHOOL IN ENGLAND (THERE WILL BE ANOTHER PETITION FOR GENERAL USE PUBLISHED SOON)   Stop the SATs in 2017 • Statement for school leaders The chaos and confusion around the 2016 SATs and teacher assessment have highlighted that the government's system for assessment at KS1 and KS2 is broken and in need of urgent review and reform. SATs have been in place in primary schools for over twenty years a

Created: 2016-10-07 Statistics

plymstock swimming pool

Please support a petition to plymouth city council to build a plymstock swimming pool. Everyone should learn to swim

Created: 2016-06-20 Statistics

Stop dog meat trade worldwide

Made by Niamh and CJ . This petition is to stop dog meat trade worldwide and save dogs. We have worked hard on our Instagram @dogslivesmatterto and are trying to reach our goal of stopping dog meat trade and animal abuse world wide... we have had our account since the 5th of February and in 5 days we have gained 89 followers and hope to gain more as we grow and help all the dogs in the world

Created: 2017-02-11 Statistics

NB Embroider the Celtic Crest

Petition to get New Balence to dump the cheap iron on crest on the new kit and embroider it.

Created: 2017-05-06 Statistics

Ellen for take me out

Get Ellen Canavan on Reaseheath Take Me Out 2k17 so add your name. 100 signatures required before she'll agree!

Created: 2017-02-15 Statistics


This is the petition in support of the most wonderful inventor of all times Professor Alexandr Revenko He has brought you Scenar- the tool you cannot be without. We say Revenko - we mean SCENAR! We say SCENAR- we mean Revenko. We want random people, greedy people, people irrelevant to SCENAR, out of business and out of SCENAR World. Scenar therapists and patients worldwide- do say your word on what's Professor Revenko means to you and how he has changed your life forever! 

Created: 2017-01-31 Statistics

Save Our Royal Mail Delivery Offices

To the House of Commons. The petition of residents of the UK, Declares that the Royal Mail delivery offices in Bredbury and Marple, which enable local residents to collect parcels and items of mail, provide a service that is vitally convenient; further that there is no local alternative provision of this service; and further that the nearest facility is not in easy reach of the local population and has no direct public transport links. The petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons

Created: 2016-08-17 Statistics

Against the killing of street dogs in Smolyan

           In an interview in the local newspaper, related to the street dogs, the mayor of Smolyan informed the public that he will deal with this problem within two weeks.      Everyone familiar with the case is aware that this problem could not be solved within days unless it is approached radically, which would be illegal. Let's not forget that in 2012 in Smolyan municipality, dozens of street dogs were poisoned, there were published materials in the media about their annihilation on the ter

Created: 2017-12-07 Statistics

Close Stockland green school until snow and ice is gone

Who's got time for slipping on the ice Cus it ain't me bab

Created: 2017-12-12 Statistics


Buff couldnt post snaps yesterday in Croke Park so Im starting a petition so Buff can get the wifi password for the media wifi in Croke Park

Created: 2017-07-03 Statistics