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Keep up the Cheerful Greetings Lollipop Lady

A Glasgpw's East end cheerful Lollipop lady has been banned from waving to children and families as it's against the health and safety rules. The friendliest Lollipop lady never fails to put a smile on the children's faces when they are heading to school in the morning.  The council bosses have told the Lollipop lady that she is putting the Children in danger.  The 74 year old is now being observed by a supervior in order to make sure these orders are enforced.  Everyone please sign this petitio

Created: 2015-11-01 Statistics

Skate Park in Leith

We are a group of skaters from Leith seeking support or our request of edinburgh of Council to have a skatepark built in leith. we have already met with councillor Vicki Redpath, on behalf of Gordon Munro, to see if any desused council land could be made available.  

Created: 2015-07-26 Statistics


Let's all stand together and show our governments that we want our external borders to be closed now! After signing, please check your mail to confirm your vote.                           We, the people of Europe note that hundreds of thousands of asylumseekers are coming to Europe. - Our social security can not handle that many extra people, we are going bankrupt! - Our safety can no longer be guaranteed. We request external borders of Europe to be closed and stop the inflow of asylumseekers.

Created: 2015-11-15 Statistics

Ban social media images of animals killed for recreation.

It may not be illegal to kill animals for sport, but it is morally indefensible. Images of animals slaughtered for personal gratification, typically displayed with their proud and smiling killers, are a vile form of pornography that can be found on social media, including Facebook and Twitter. We, the undersigned, regard such images as distasteful and offensive, and we call for social media sites to ban their publication.  (Please share this petition with your friends on social media.)  You can

Created: 2015-04-27 Statistics

TRO HGV Sutton Bank

Update 6 January 2017 In June 2015 our request for a TRO (as detailed below) was turned down by North Yorkshire County Council due to the A170 being part of a Primary Route Network and weight restrictions are not allowed. In January 2016, Andrew Jones MP, Transport Minister advised when he attended a meeting with the Parish Council that the A170 is of strategic importance and must remain open to HGV's.  Since that time the Parish Council has been working with local authorities to implement two a

Created: 2015-02-20 Statistics

Stop the closure of Park Avenue Personality Disorder crisis pathw

CLOSURE The personality Disorder crisis pathway is getting its funding withdrawn. This is a disappointment and a shame for all services users as well as staff.  The services offers therapy sessions and support for people suffering from personality disorders. There is a great success rate in the programme working and becoming successful.  For this programme to be withdrawn is going to cost the NHS even more money and potentially leave client users with no where to go and no support that the staff

Created: 2015-09-05 Statistics

Save Our Homes at Hilltop Drive , Rye.

Hi everyone. Recently all 16 families who live within the old Grade 2 listed Hill House Hospital at Hilltop Drive in Rye, East Sussex were informed by courier, of our landlord's intentions to sell the building, as they now deem it, and I quote "No longer suitable for people to live in without considerable investment". This judgment was based on our landlord's (Orbit South) decision, and not that of the people who actually live here.We do suffer issues that have been raised time and time again, h

Created: 2015-07-18 Statistics

Lee Rigby memorial

Lee was a brave soldier who served in many countries putting his life on the line for the freedoms we have today. All we ask is a permanent memorial where he was cut down and murdered in Woolwich. The government and the local Labour party are reluctant to do this but it was done for Phillip Lawrence, Stephen Lawrence and rightly so. Please sign up for this as Lee's family can't have closure and somewhere to pay respects, thank you all x

Created: 2015-05-23 Statistics

Save the Monsons

We are asking for your continued support on saving our local community pub. It is the last one left standing in walking distance for many.  We have old and young the regularly use the pub which some would probably call their second home. we host darts, pool, poker and football teams plus many clubs and charities that use us as a base for meetings and fund raising.  Please sign our petition and help towards the planning committee make the right decision and let our pub live on and make the propos

Created: 2015-03-10 Statistics

Cramond Action Group

The Care Concern Group has announced plans to build a 4 storey 74-bed nursing home at 18 Whitehouse Road, complete with a library, rooftop gardens, café, gym, bar, play areas and car parking.The proposed Development will - ● Alter irrevocably the character and ambience of Cramond Conservation Village ● Impact upon the archaeological heritage - the proposals involve tarmacking over the Roman Well ● Area Damage the habitat for the protected species living on and around the site ● Create traffic sa

Created: 2015-02-16 Statistics