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Save Ewell Playing Fields

Act now, and join us to stop developers building on Old Schools Lane (KT17 1TW) playing fields in the heart of the Village. Don't let the developers irrevocably change this unique area which contributes to Ewell's special conservation area character. Protect your village.  Join our campaign and say NO! Come to the Ewell Village Residents Association meeting on Wednesday 16th April at Bourne Hall, at 8:00pm, and have your say. Please sign our online petition. SAVE EWELL VILLAGE PLAYING FIELDS  

Created: 2014-04-01 Statistics

Leave our kids at home

Children being taking away for no good reason, or for past reasons (like parents up bringing) when our children where happy in OUR care.... Trying to adopt children away from parents that do everything they can for their children.... Just quota...  Say no!!!!!!

Created: 2015-11-12 Statistics

Young Persons's travel pass for Kent

Kent binned the 'freedom pass' along with our freedom! Can young people afford to get to school? Kent have increased the prices of bus passes by £100 and every year it seems to increse, when will it stop? Kent have restricted the time limit and the number of days a week we can use it. The prices have gone up yet they offer less.  

Created: 2014-12-17 Statistics

Save local parking

With limited parking in rural coastal communities it's time to save valuable resources from exploitation. Many local communities suffer from a lack of affordable local parking. In areas of low financial deprivation parking can become a considerable strain on finances if spaces have to be rented just To get what most others take for granted. Many social landlords are looking to sell off local parking spaces. It's time that local need became    More important than short term gain. a parking space

Created: 2015-03-31 Statistics

Campaign to force the CPS to review decision RE Summer Mai

Over two years ago today Summer died through no fault of her own. She dies after suffering "blunt force trauma" injuries to her skull. Other than falling from her cot and jumping back in again several times these injuries are as yet unexplained! It's reasonable to say these were more than likely inflicted on Summer by a third party at or around the 12 hours before her death. With Summer at this time were her Mother, and her mothers boyfriend. Up to present no one has ever been charged with Summe

Created: 2014-03-05 Statistics

The Shed for 3am (Friday and Saturday nights)

At the start of next year The Shed will appear before Glasgow City Council’s licensing board. It will present a case for the permanent extension of its operating license from 2am to 3am on Friday and Saturday nights only. We thank you in-advance for signing our online petition. Below are the reasons why we think it should be extended. Why change from 2am to 3am The move to a 3am licence would bring The Shed’s closing time in line with nightclubs and bars in both the city centre and parts of the

Created: 2015-12-21 Statistics

Fines for misuse of emergency door control on London buses

Present and suggested signage.  Petition sponsored by Passengers First - alliance One of the most dangerous situations faced frequently on London buses is the misuse of emergency door controls. When door controls are used inappropriately bus passengers and other road users can be put in immediate danger.  We, the undersigned, request The Mayor of London to introduce a penalty for the misuse of emergency doors on London buses, and we recommend that notices warning of the penalty are displayed pro

Created: 2015-05-10 Statistics

Royal Infirmary staff to have the right to park on site

Please join a Facebook petition to stop the royal infirmary banning all its staff from using the parking facilities. I support the development of services, departments and relocation  of hospitals but this decision is discriminatory and an insult to all the multi disiplinary hard working NHS staff who already suffer yearly monetary hardship but continue to work hard for our local community. If their expanding services then intelligence would suggest that they are going to need more staff and thu

Created: 2015-02-03 Statistics

Petition for recognition of the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

5 Association united : Un cœur pour le SED  (Nord)(A heart for the EDS ) Ensemble pour Manon  (Loiret)(Together for Manon) Vivre avec le SED (Metz)(Living with EDS) Génération SED (L'Herault)(EDS’ Generation)       Petition for recognition of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome   In July 2013, a struggle of each instant and your mobilization through a petition had prevented the closure of Professor Hamonet’s consultation in Paris. For nineteen years, Professor Emeritus Claude Hamonet carries a huge wei

Created: 2015-09-09 Statistics

Petition for Supporting Development and Finishing of Borsec Spa in Romania

In a nutshell about the effort: Borsec has been a renowned spa town for centuries past, and nowdays is on highspeed reconstruction In this spa town situated in the Northern corner of Harghita county (Romania, Transsylvania region) there are 13 different mineral springs. Borsec is focused on the keywords “healthy lifestyle” and “health resort”. In 2011 they finished the construction of Fairy Garden public bath and in 2012 the "little" (capacity of 30 user per day) O-Saros spa with heated mineral

Created: 2015-03-13 Statistics