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DROP Clarkson

Drop Clarkson The petition to reinstate Jeremy Clarkson into Top Gear has, sadly, gained a significant amount of signatures recently. Regardless of his most recent spat, the presenter has a lamentable track record of casual offensiveness and cavalier prejudiced remarks and arrogance. These incidents almost always being shrugged off by Clarkson as if his own dis-ingenuousness were an excuse. With this in mind, perhaps Clarkson shouldn't have lasted as long as he did on the show. We would like to

Created: 2015-03-11 Statistics

Re Open The Dead Red Lion. Close McDonald's

For years I have had to drive past my favourite pub and instead see the "golden arches of mickey d's with its crap food and it's plastic facade. It makes my guts churn. Enough. It's about time it was re opened as a public house (namely the dead Red Lion) for us the public of Borehamwood. Not only are the pubs in the high street pony but we are running out if pubs full stop. 

Created: 2015-10-19 Statistics

Field open to all students

 I believe that the school field should be open to all age groups, if the excuse is that anyone can enter the field, why are year 7s one of the year groups with access to the field? surely they are most at 'risk of the public'. If one of the reasons is that all students on the field at the same time is too many to keep an eye on, then i suggest that access to the field rotates on a daily basis between year groups (2/3 year groups on the field per day). The whole concept of the year 7s being allo

Created: 2015-04-17 Statistics


The SIA and Companies House need to intervene and stop company directors reforming companies having previously dissolved companies due to financial difficulties where staff and subcontractors have not been paid fully for services completed. They need to penalise or intervene where new companies have been formed prior to administration process where they close one company and continue trading under a previously opened company of the same type,  thus avoiding the director disqualification and have

Created: 2015-02-21 Statistics

Join our Fairer Funding Campaign North Somerset Times

SICK of seeing services cut and want to see extra cash for North Somerset’s education system and hospital, and more police on our streets? For decades the district has been given a raw deal in terms of grants from central Government for these vital services – so here at the Times we think it’s time to take a stand. In partnership with our sister paper, the Weston, Worle & Somerset Mercury, we are launching a new campaign to win North Somerset the funding it deserves. There are four main are

Created: 2014-11-26 Statistics

Keep ZOO WORLD 2 going on Facebook!

Help us sign this petition to keep Zoo World 2!  This game is important to many of us!  We've left them money and time and suddenly they stab us in the back!  We're NOT going to put up with this!  Sign!  Let Rock You know that they can't to this to their trusted players.

Created: 2015-11-27 Statistics

Stop Skerries Quarry Being Turned Into a Landfill Site

In skerries there is a disused Quarry. It has become a huge beautiful natural habitat for flora and fauna. Hidden in this beautiful place there is Irish hares, song thrushes and rare perigrine falcons.  There is a company Roadstone who have lodged an application to the authorities to turn the quarry into a landfill site (dumping ground). If this goes ahead the natural habitat for animals and the beauty of the quarry will be lost forever. I dont want to see this happn.  If this goes ahead it will

Created: 2015-02-22 Statistics


Supermarket Choice for Shirehampton   We the undersigned endorse the following letter to Co-op urging them to allow choice on Shirehampton High Street which will lead to lower prices for grocery shopping. Dear Co-op “We write as the residents of Shirehampton and the surrounding area, local representatives, and those concerned for the residents of Shirehampton, Bristol.   You will no doubt be aware of a campaign that has been ongoing to get an alternative supermarket provider into Shirehampton V

Created: 2015-04-28 Statistics

Abolish Thetford Academy Hair Dye Rule

At Thetford Academy many students and staff are told that they can not dye their hair in non natural colours. I feel as the school is discriminating the students and that they cannot express themselves as human beings as it's against the school rules. But why should we all look the same and be identified as students at Thetford Academy from our identies as a human being. The 21st century is a time we can express ourselves not to be forced by others to tell us what to do! More information. In the

Created: 2015-05-11 Statistics

The closing of the old red lion public house

Because it is a warm and friendly atmosphere.  Everyone is welcome,  Every night is a good laugh and real good fun.  You can hold events here.  The food is great

Created: 2015-02-16 Statistics