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Operation Keep The London Toy Fair Alive!

This petition is aimed at all Independent toy retailers, wether you be Toymaster members, AIS Members or just stand alone independents. We need to keep the London Toy Fair as it is today without these big companies dropping out and choosing Nuremberg as a better option. So hasbro dropped out of london toy fair.. now mga. As the UK independents we need stand together to keep the london toy fair alive. These companies know this is to alot of the independents the only way of seeing newly launched p

Created: 2015-06-15

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 114 102
2015 113 101


A little boy had lost his fingers when a teacher slammed the door closed to stop him leaving the classroom the boy in question still attends the Academy where the event happened as the teacher had not returned after it had happened it has now come to our attention that the teacher in question is set to return to the Academy in September this year I for one will not allow her to teach my child please show ur support and sign our petition 

Created: 2015-07-13

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 102 100
2015 102 100

Tiltakozás a képzéseink megszüntetése ellen

Címzettek: Dr. Palkovics László felsőoktatásért felelős államtitkár   Dr. Maruzsa Zoltán felsőoktatásért felelős helyettes államtitkár EMMI Magyar Rektori Konferencia   Tiltakozás a magyar filmes képzések és a szegedi vizuális kultúratudomány mesterszak megszüntetése ellen! Tiltakozunk a filmes képzések és a szegedi vizuális kultúratudomány mesterképzés tervezett megszüntetése ellen. A filmes szakirányok és az országban egyedülálló vizuális kultúratudomány mesterszak olyan szakemberek kinevelésé

Created: 2015-04-25

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 1645 102
2015 1422 99

The ban on fox flushing and terrier work

  To the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic and the Czech Senate. We, the undersigned citizens disagree with the cruel and unnecessary tradition and we demand a complete ban on the so-called fox flushing, including testing of fox hunting hounds. We require adding an appendix to the Hunting Act no. 449/2001 § 45 paragraph 1 on banned hunting methods and adding the letter x) (banning :) hunting underground, including hunting with the aid of hounds discharged under the grou

Created: 2015-04-16

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 12883 107
2015 10969 97

Save Mateo Kovacic!

Dear Mr Thohir or to whom it might concern,   We are interisti, fans of the proud black and blue club from Milano, the great FC Internazionale Milano. Ever since the historical Treble in 2010, club has been heading in a downward spiral, eventually leading president Moratti to a historical decision 3 years later on. In 2013 we got a new owner in Mr. Erick Thohir and we respect the changes that are supposed to strengthen our organization but it should not be forgotten that our beloved Inter is fir

Created: 2015-06-06

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 5259 95
2015 5257 95

Lisa Nandy MP Should Offer Her Resignation

We believe our MP Lisa Nandy has failed the people of Wigan due to her support of encouraging more illegal immigrants into our town without the knowledge or consultation of her constituents, we the undersigned feel that our elected MP Lisa Nandy does not represent our views anymore and her continuous failing to answer serious concerns raised by the people she represents is nothing short of a disgrace.

Created: 2015-11-18

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 113 113
2015 93 93

Tyre stretch is not unsafe

So tyre stretch,    How many times have you been stopped    There are no rules or proof anywhere that tyre stretch is illegal,  Yes I know some people say it looks stupid and unsafe but looking unsafe and actually being unsafe are two diffrent things.    Show me some evidence that tyre stretch has taken a life.  Some car manufacturers fit tyres " too small " for the wheels and they don't get looked at twice.   personally I see this as an attack on people who have a hobby, by a money grabbing gov

Created: 2015-07-26

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 94 93
2015 94 93

Removal of multi faith room at Emirates Stadium.

We are looking for the removal of a controversial 'multi faith' room at Emirates Stadium. We feel as though the place could be better used for more facilities for arsenal's disabled supporters. The FA recently banned all political and religious messages by players and we feel this is totally correct.Football is for football not religion.the local area is home to mosques,churches,temples without having the need to have a seprate area at a football stadium. Please sign this petition and lets get t

Created: 2015-09-12

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 85 83
2015 85 83

Fair Funding For Somerset

Somerset local authorities, which provide many important services including schools, children's services, elderly care and highway maintenance, are not funded fairly. Welsh, Scottish and English urban authorities are all funded by Government on a far more generous scale than rural areas like Somerset, despite the fact that we pay more in Council Tax and that services are more expensive to provide in sparsely-populated areas.  Many of the damaging cuts made by our Councils would not have been nec

Created: 2015-02-09

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 84 83
2015 84 83

Donald Trump IS welcome in The UK

Following the comments Donald spoke during his presidential campaign, there seems to have been an uproar by the  public. These people who don't agree with Donald's views do not speak for me. I believe many people would welcome this  gentlemen with open arms, its a shame we don't have more 'free speech' speaking people such as Mr Trump in this country.

Created: 2015-12-09

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 171 163
2015 87 80