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Protect Fleetsbridge Skatepark from Unauthorised Encampment

Signing this petition means you agree that Fleetsbridge Skatepark is a useful facility to local citizens and should be protected from unauthorised encampment. We are starting this petition to stop any possiblity of the local travleers from setting up on the site directly next to the skatepark as last time this occured -Glass was smashed on the ramps -Fires were started -Rubbish and unwanted furniture was left behind -Excrement was left on and around the ramps   Fleetsbridge is the only skatepark

Created: 2014-02-16 Statistics


The BBC has decided to close down its popular Tamil Language Broadcast  “ThamilOsai” from London  and transfer the entire operation to New Delhi, early in 2015, after serving for nearly 74 years,  arguing that they do not have funds to continue the service from London. This fails to take account of the need of the Tamil Service to guide the English sections of BBC like the BBC TV and BBC online and more importantly to provide independent and better focus to their Sri Lanka coverage without getti

Created: 2014-09-26 Statistics

Flood Petition

We strongly support diverting some of the Billions of pounds going abroad to help our flood victims here in the U.K

Created: 2014-02-15 Statistics

Fir Tree School Site, Opposition to Planning Applic DC14/56717

Points from The Quirk Review - Making Assets Work. An asset not used in the public interest can lead to local resentment and risk community cohesion. It can have a negative impact on other stakeholders and the wider community. We the undersigned object to planning application DC/14/56717 submitted by Persimmon Homes detailing the use of the whole site for the building of 66 dwellings and 12 apartments. We request that the football pitch and green open space  be retained for use by the community

Created: 2014-01-29 Statistics

Save Pundeavon Reservoir

Help Kilbirnie Angling Club and join our petition.

Created: 2014-01-18 Statistics

St Anne's School Safety Crossing

Please sign in acceptance for the 'Review of the Commitee decision and would like re-installation of Safe Crossing Point'

Created: 2014-06-27 Statistics

Bolton IVF Funding

Ridiculous reasons for fetility treatment in Bolton. Bolton CCG are the only area to fund 1 full cycle of IVF treatment. NICE guidlines state all young couples in my age region should be entitled to 3 fully funded cycles. Only in England is this run by a postcode lottery to which it seems everywhere except Bolton fund at least 2 cycles. Please help me change this

Created: 2014-05-25 Statistics

Oppose to Sale Off Shirebrook Community Playing Field

SAVE YOUR COMMUNITY PLAYING FIELDS Derbyshire County Council is planning to sell off more of Shirebrook Community Playing Fields near Willow Tree Family Farm. We are starting this petition to say no more of our green space to be sold for housing development. The Council was in discussions to lease the land to Willow Tree Family Farm to allow them to increase the facilities for the community but the Council have stated the land must be sold for housing development Shirebrook has many houses but

Created: 2014-07-27 Statistics

Hold Solihull MBC Accountable For Abuse of Power & Corruption

This Petition is aimed at highlighting the corruption & abuse of power pertaining at Solihull MBC (Social Services Dept).  Ian James, as Director of Adult Services, is ultimately responsible for the draconian and shabby actions of his staff and the devastation caused to the Parkes Family.  These people have acted in a malicious, draconian, unethical manner and are guilty of attempting to rip away the final vestiges of dignity of a vulnerable, frail and terminally ill man and his family.Every

Created: 2014-07-07 Statistics

Save Hill Top Green

Help stop Salford council from selling the land on Hill Top to build 60 new houses

Created: 2014-07-09 Statistics

Morrisons Seaford toilet

Morrisons is the main supermarket in Seaford and the easiest to get to for us in Seaford but alas it lacks one major and vital necessity for us and thats toilets, all you parents, elderly and disabled will know how important an in store toilet would be so please sign so we can put this appeal over to Morrisons and make our shopping trips easier and less stressfull

Created: 2014-04-30 Statistics


The former laindon hotel land has been vacant for many of years, no one has even come forward to do anything with the land. laindon residents have been promised for many years that the nearby laindon shopping centre is  going to be redeveloped and that a new shopping centre is to be built. but there have been many let downs. Laindon holdings have  come up wiht an idea a kfc drive through. but many  people are objecting to it and it was about time and i could sit here no longer and allow other pe

Created: 2014-04-09 Statistics


As we are all aware, dog fouling in the Horncastle area is becoming more of a problem. Although there are signs, notices for owners to see clearly, it doesn't deter them from letting their dogs foul on public footpaths. This is a huge problem for pedestrians anywhere but even more so to those who walk with children everyday and face a constant obstacle course to get their children to school. We all know most dog owners are responsible but there are too many who are not so something needs to be d

Created: 2014-01-21 Statistics

Save Fairycroft House

We, the undersigned, call on Essex County Council to save The Fairycroft building in Saffron Walden from closure. The building has served the needs of the young people and the community well for decades and is more than suitable to continue doing so. The youth club and the many services the builing provides should not be relocated to another building.

Created: 2014-04-05 Statistics

Stop The Bans

By signing this petition, I am calling on the Students’ Union to hold a referendum with the following question: “Should each current and future political ban and/or boycott within the Students’ Union be subject to a binding all student vote before it can take effect?”   This petition is only open to registered students at the University of Leicester, so PLEASE FILL IN YOUR UOL STUDENT E-MAIL ( OR STUDENT NUMBER - otherwise your signature will be invalid. eg.

Created: 2014-03-22 Statistics

Petition For A Pedestrian Crossing On Sutton Road, Huthwaite


Created: 2014-11-24 Statistics

Stop this madness! End this racism!

The horrible contrast between the treatment of the three young Israeli settlers who were killed and of hundreds of killed and kidnapped Palestinian children goes right to the centre of the human rights issues in Palestine, to the systematic racism and inequality that defines people’s lives.  The Palestinians are suffering collective punishment and blatant discrimination. One horror is now leading to another. The situation is very serious (see below). We ask the governments of Britain and the Eur

Created: 2014-07-02 Statistics

Require Doctors to inform women of PTLS before a tubal ligation

We require Doctors to tell us on the consent form prior to sterilisation of the side effects that is affecting thousands of women. Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome: Iatrogenesis affects that create negative health conditions after a tubal ligation or female sterilization surgery. Can be hormonal and or physical in nature. Health changes both physical and hormonal can cause mental health to be affected, causing loss of sexual drive for the woman, memory loss, depression, anger and rage. Iatroge

Created: 2014-06-15 Statistics

Petition to Safeguard Affordable Sport at Love Lane

We, the undersigned residents of Ongar & District, petition Ongar Town Council to abandon plans for their management of the Love Lane site and to renew instead the Full Repairing and Insuring Lease currently held by Ongar Social and Sports Club. We further demand that the Council continues to recognise the voluntary nature of the work of the club's committee and members, by modest increases only of the current rent of £2000 p.a. Ongar Town Council have not produced a credible business pla

Created: 2014-03-24 Statistics

Rights For Animals

Please help us force the Government to change the law and improve the rights of Animals. It only takes 100.000 signatures to start a debate in parlaiment which could help stop cruelty to innocent animals who have no rights and cannot speak for themselves. If you are an animal lover or like most of us detest animal cruelty then please take a few minutes and sign this petition, every signature counts. These are the only marks you should leave on a dog

Created: 2014-01-27 Statistics