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Put an End To Euthanising Healthy Animals In The UK

Please sign this petition to put an end to euthanising healthy animals. This petition has been put together because of the latest of a long line of stories about healthy dogs/ cats and other animals in the UK being put to sleep. It outraged me as an animal lover. I have a group on fb called Missing,lost & found pets.This group helps animals and owners reunite and there are many people that give their own time to help missing pets and owners find each other. I can't believe nobody wanted this

Created: 2014-03-02 Statistics


As you all may no busybees preschool was burnt down by 2 12 year olds we are getting this petition together to show how much this playschool means to our community, and how much it is needed.   Please sign and share this petition to get busybees rebuilt so we can forward to the council. Manythanks  

Created: 2014-04-02 Statistics

Save Our Shed

The Kings Head has become an important asset to the whole community.  It provides a spacious and safe enviroment for fundraisers, young up and coming talent and not least, it is the hub for home and away supporters visiting the Haliwell Jones Stadium on match days.  Warrington Borough Council are insisting that the conservatory be removed.  This despite the fact that in its place was nothing more than unused car park.  Since it was erected in Henry's Yard, it has increased the Kings Head capacit

Created: 2014-08-19 Statistics

Portas Owino Ongondo right to remain in UK

In sending you this petition we,  the undersigned aim to secure the right for Portas Owino Ongondo to remain living and working in the UK.  Portas arrived in the UK in 2006 and his UK residency is currently dependent upon the residency of his wife, with whom his relationship has ended. We, the undersigned are sending you this petition because the impact on Portas and his family and the impact on the school community in which Portas works if he were to be refused the right to stay in the UK would

Created: 2014-05-16 Statistics

Say no to GST in Guernsey

Please sign this petition if you don't want the States to allow the Goods and Sales tax to be introduced in Guernsey

Created: 2014-03-04 Statistics

Save Our 5.30pm Kendal to Lancaster Train

We, users of the Windermere to Manchester trainline, local residents and commuters, petition First Transpennine Express to reverse the decision to withdraw the 5.30pm Kendal to Lancaster train (the 5.06pm train from Windermere to Manchester), from 10 February, leaving a 2 hour gap in the timetable during peak time from 4.24pm to 6.22pm. Many people rely on this train to commute to and from work. What will they do? Some people can change their working hours, others can't. Some people are conside

Created: 2014-01-27 Statistics

Seaford Head School Phone Ban

We, the student body of Seaford Head are putting foward this petition to show how unhappy and annoyed we are about the ban on using phones at break time and lunch time. We understand that they can be a big distraction in lessons and this is not a petition asking to use them in lessons. This is a petition to ask for the ban on using phones at break and lunch to be lifted. Break and lunch are free time, and we feel that as a student body, we should be allowed to use our phones. We feel this petiti

Created: 2014-02-24 Statistics

Save Idle Moor

There is a planning proposal for 70 new house on Idle Moor with access from Sandhill Fold. These houses are to be built on land that was previously a mine. This space is classed as Urban Green Space. We, the signatures, object to the plans for the following reasons 1) Green Lane is already a very busy and dangerous road. Another 100+ cars will only add to the problems. 2) This area is Urban Green Space enjoyed by Families, Walkers, Dog Walkers & Runners 3) We have 300+ houses for sale in Idl

Created: 2014-05-19 Statistics

Dual the Worcester Southern Link Road Now

We call on the United Kingdom Government and local councils to provide the funding needed to expedite the dualling of the Worcester Southern Link Road (A4440) from the Powick roundabout to Junction 7 of the M5 motorway, including the Carrington Bridge. This road is one of the busiest in Worcestershire and its improvement is key to removing barriers to economic growth.  During the floods of February 2014, it became the only road traffic crossing over the River Severn for several days, causing se

Created: 2014-04-23 Statistics

Cycle Route Between Middlesbrough & Guisborough

There is no safe cycle route between Middlesbrough and Guisborough, the only permisable route is the A171 which is a dual  carriage way, not a safe option as traffic travels at 70mph plus. From Middlesbrough town center there is a safe cycle route to Dixons Bank so it only needs six miles of cycle path to Guisborough to keep cyclists safe. Guisborough has an estimated 22,000 population and cycling is becoming more and more popular, surly it in the interest of Redcar & Cleveland Council to pr

Created: 2013-10-11 Statistics