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i copied this from a site to let people know about NF  but please still see your doctor for anything med treatment THIS IS TO HELP GEY SUPPORT 24/7 FOR PEOPLE THAT NEED TO TALK OR WORRIED  GET GROUPS GOING AND HOILDAYS FOR FAMILY THAT HAVE BEEN THOUGH A LOT  AND GET FUNDING LIKE ALL THE OTHER CONDITIONS THAT MAKE US ILL KIDS FIGHTING LIFE SORRY my spelling not that good       Neurofibromatosis (commonly abbreviated NF; neurofibromatosis type 1 is also known asvon Recklinghausen disease) is a gen

Created: 2013-09-14

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 86 29
2013 76 27


Have you ever walked through the Crescent in Central Greenwich, outside Cutty Sark Station? If so you may have heard an accordion busker, under the arch playing well known tunes. You may have even given him money. However spare a thought for residents and workers. This man plays 5-6 hours a day. He only knows 4 songs, which he repeats over and over again. I have listened to this man for a year, day in, day out. He is driving me out of my mind, and if you work or live within earshot, my guess is

Created: 2013-10-09

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 27 27
2013 26 26

Re-instate Machen Village Hall Playgroup to education status.

We the undersigned request that the council re-instate the early years education provider status of the Machen Village Hall Playgroup. The status was suddenly removed by the authority in December 2013 with immediate effect leaving parents with the option of taking their children to the next village for early years education or pay to continue using machen village hall playgroup (some parents cannot afford this). Other early years education providers are in adjacent villages and would not provid

Created: 2013-12-23

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 55 55
2013 25 25

Petition AGAINST banning Thorpe Park's annual event- The Asylum

Due to the uproar in the BBC news, Katie Sutton has drafted a petition to ban 'The Asylum' a maze which constructs part of the well known and reputable Halloween event held each year at Thorpe Park (formally known as Fright Night). Not only will this be depriving the majority of adult members who annually pay out of choice to go to this event but it also deprives the purpose of celebrating the traditionalised festivities of Halloween within the western world. Katie has taken something so insigni

Created: 2013-10-22

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 25 25
2013 25 25

Help Julia & her children! Make the UN child convention law in Sweden!

We who sign this petition believe that it is a SCANDAL how Julia Mooney and especially her CHILDREN have been treated by the Swedish courts!We want Sweden to start taking children's rights more seriously and to always take into account the BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD in the courts, so that similar tragic cases can be avoided in the future!We want Sweden to adopt the "UN Convention on the Rights of the Child" as law, just as they have done in both Finland and Norway (2003) .Right now there is bi

Created: 2013-09-24

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 190 25
2013 164 25

Denise and St George

A local cabbie in Newton Abbot Devon stands by her decision to display the English emblem sticker, and the words "Local Driver" on her licensed cab. The Teignbridge Licensing Officer says that if she continues to do so, they will refuse the issue of her next licence. Please show your support for Denise Said the cab driver in question,and  her democratic right, by signing this petition.

Created: 2013-11-16

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 475 455
2013 24 24

We want Bamon in TVD !!!

Because they make sense together. Because sometimes love is stronger than hate. Because together they can really be themselves. We want Bamon in season 6 !

Created: 2013-07-25

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 1037 50
2013 562 23

Save the Convent Guardroom The plan is to convert the guardroom into the entrance of No. 6 and open a door to the left, as you look at it, to create a new guardroom where the current reception of No.6 is. Heritage, tradition, history....... hundreds of Gibraltarian soldiers, both men and women, have for years marched in and out of that guardroom. "No. 1 post Governor's Guard all's NOT well, Corporal!"

Created: 2013-04-21

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 159 23
2013 159 23

Traffic calming measures: Station Road, Bramley

Traffic and safety issues relating to Station Road, Eastwood Road, Barton Road, Bramley and immediate surrounding areas generally. We, the undersigned, request Waverley Local Committee supports the introduction of: 1. A pedestrian crossing on Station Road 2. A 20mph speed limit from The Street in Wonersh, along Station Road to its junction with the A281 in Bramley We believe these measures will benefit all the community including St Catherine's School, children who catch school buses from Statio

Created: 2013-10-30

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 23 23
2013 22 22

Anthony Erasmus

Cindy lee Jansen and Marco Barnard abused and murdered Anthony 2days after his 5th birthday. They burnt him with cigarettes ons his private parts and back. He died with serious head injuries. Cindy and Marco is going to apply for bail on the 30th January at Brits court. They can get bail for R2000.00. Please sign so these 2 people can't get out.

Created: 2013-01-26

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 6975 23
2013 6958 22