Most popular petitions in UK in 2012

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  Приятели,Благодарим ви за подкрепата! С нашата петиция привлякохме вниманието на много хора, неправителствени организации и държавни и културни институции, в резултат на което кметът на Велико Търново е заявил категорично, че няма да се закрива Младежкия Дом. Без вас нямаше да успеем! Dear friends,Thank you all for your support! Our petition attracted the attention of many people, nongovernmental organisations and state and cultural institutions as a result of which the Mayor of Veliko Turnovo

Created: 2012-02-27 Statistics


Cirali beach is one of the rare hot spots of Turkey in Mediterranean ecological system.  The beach is 3.2 km long and hosts 18 different endemic plants and is one of the succesful nesting sites of Caretta Caretta sea turtles which are growing in numbers every year due to dedicated conservation efforts. Many other animal and plant species are under the protection of international Bern Treaty and international organisations are putting their efforts for their protection. Cirali beach is in 1. Degr

Created: 2012-02-19 Statistics

Abolish the CSA

This is a petition to hopefully get someone with authority to relook at the fairness of the CSA to non-resident parents. The ultimate aim is to either have the organisation completely abolished or have a fairer way of looking at how much maintenance can be afforded (the total income and outgoings of the none resident parent). It will be forwarded to my local MP and Prime Minister.

Created: 2011-05-14 Statistics

        Young People Seeking Safety (YPSS) is a campaign to promote the rights and safety of unaccompanied young people seeking asylum in the UK. Many unaccompanied young people seeking safety experience distressing circumstances before and also after arriving in this country. The YPSS campaign aims to being attention to these issues and ensure that unaccompanied young people are cared for and their rights protected. I share YPSS's concerns with the problems that unaccompanied young people

Created: 2011-02-21 Statistics

Development of Plas Mawr Playing field.

We at Blackwood Town are attempting to get access from CBCC to develop Plas Mawr Community Centre playing field and we need your help. We have been informed by the council that the land can not be developed into a football pitch, due to the land being owned by the community. Well our plans to develop the land will benefit the whole of the community. We have spoken to Blackwood Town Councillors, and they all believe our plans are a good idea. However, the council don't. We are meeting with the MP

Created: 2012-11-29 Statistics

Do Not Cancel The Finder

This petition is to gather support for the TV series of The Finder. This show is literally one of the best shows i've ever seen. I believe that many of others out there feel the same way too. Therefore, with this petition, i hope that they will once again put The Finder in production as this is an entirely different show from others. It has its own unique story. This show is underrated. Please, if you would lend me your support, we can try to let them understand that The Finder IS A GREAT SHOW!

Created: 2012-05-12 Statistics


We the undersigned stand for the rights of children and strongly condemn the secondary victimization by the media causing further damage and distress to the child victims. Thus, We strongly condemn the practices of the media which violates the rights to privacy and confidentiality by publishing or broadcasting details which leads to identifying the victims of child sexual abuse in Sri Lanka. We call on the above authorities to ban publishing the name of the victims, his/her parents or the

Created: 2012-04-26 Statistics

Justice 4 Deafblind Guidedog Owner Molly Watt - age 17

As a direct result of becoming a guidedog owner Molly was forced into isolation with her guidedog or to be without her guidedog and risk her own safety to be a part of school life. Mary Hare School for the Deaf placed discriminatory sanctions upon her because there is another pupil with an apparent allergy to dogs, this has not been supported and continues to be unsupported by an up to date medical certificate. The achool's actions have forced Molly into depression, have taken her confidence and

Created: 2011-11-06 Statistics


I am starting a petition to wake up the City Council of Edinburgh. Edinburgh has had many famous people born within it,and  statues and monuments are to be seen all over the city.There is even a statue of the dog,Greyfriars Bobby! Now think about that one for a moment.A dog!Then think about the fact that the biggest Scottish pop group of them all,the Bay City Rollers,come from Edinburgh!And yet,there's nothing to be seen anywhere in the city of this band,which i think is a disgrace! The Bay City

Created: 2012-09-06 Statistics

Petition against the legalization of environmental destruction

The president of Georgia has recently signed the bill, initiated by the government of Georgia innocuously named as “Amendments to some legislative acts”. The bill has caused changes in “the law on environmental protection of Georgia”, “Administrative Code of Georgia” and “The law on Executive Implementation of Georgia”. The regulations of the new law would allow the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Georgia to sign an agreement, based on the decision of the Premiere Minister of Georgia

Created: 2012-04-19 Statistics