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Keep King's Oak uniform affordable and accessible for all

King's Oak Academy has made a lot of changes to it uniform in recent months and has failed as a Academy to consider the wider cost implications of such changes on a community that is in the gripes of the worst cost of living crisis in 40 years. In light of this and the currently Education (Guidance about cost if Uniforms) act 2021 I ask the Academy make the following incredibly reasonable adjustments to help parents with cost.  KEEP NON LOGO ITEMS ACCEPTABLE ACROSS the lower and middle school fo

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Postpone Charity dog walk

Please sign my petition to stop bliss charity doing a 50 mile dog walk in the hottest month of the year August. Dogs die from heatstroke in as little as 30 minutes  there paws can get burnt from hot pavements. All I'm asking is for it to be POSTPONED.  I fully support the work the charity does but not at the cost of a dogs life due to poor planning by fundraiser. 

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Stop the spread of Asian bird flu in wild-bird colonies and protect or coasts and seas from over exploitations

A) We call on our local and national representatives to launch an immediate plan to combat the effect of Asian bird flu on our wild bird populations, including surveillance and testing, carcass disposal and biosecurity. B) We call on our local and national representatives to properly fund seabird conservation and dramatically increase coastal and seabed areas set aside as reserves for wildlife, with stringent limits on fishing and other forms of industrial exploitation.

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Stewartby & Kempston Hardwick Parish Council's Response to the Bedford Borough Council Local Plan 2040

You are signing this position to object to the Bedford Borough Council’s draft Local Plan 2040 and the developments that are proposed for Stewartby and Kempston Hardwick, namely policy HOU14. 

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Yappy Dog

If you sign this petition, I will forward to the envinrmental agency to show them the level of concern about this matter in the Road. You will be siging to say that the late night dog barking is casuing a nuisance for you.

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Save Kim the little Jack Russell from Roscommon

This petition is to revoke a district court and judge order to euthanize Kim a friendly jack russell who made one single minor "mistake".A couple of months ago Kim a little 5 yr old jack russell terrier nipped one woman passing by outside Donal’s house. She had been lying in the sun at the front of house on the grass when strangers arrived on the road and she ran out and nipped the woman on the leg.Kim means a lot to her owner, he has nursed her back to health after she broke her legs, she sleep

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Faringdon needs its very own Splash park do you agree with me?

As a resident and child of the town of Faringdon I (Lizzie Pugh age 10) think it's time that we had our very own Splash Park just like Wantage, Witney and Abingdon do! Please help me to show support for this idea so that I can take the evidence of support to our local councils and get myself and the other children of the down splashing!

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Release a Play Arts Kai figure of Ardyn Izunia!

To Square Enix Group “SQUARE ENIX PRODUCTS” division, Play Arts Kai action figures have been consistently popular with Final Fantasy fans since the release of their predecessor line, Play Arts, in 2003. More recently, we have seen the release of several characters from Final Fantasy VII Remake, many of which have rapidly sold out upon release. Fans of Final Fantasy XV have been treated to several favourite characters. So far, figures of Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis, Prompto, Lunafreya, Aranea, Cind

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No on street household bins in Haghill and Dennistoun

There is a plan by Glasgow City Council to move some of the household bins from back courts onto the front of properties. These bins will take up parking spaces and cause issues for people/kids crossing roads.  They will be a target for vandalism and arson. They will overflow and there will be bins lying in the street which will encourage fly tipping.  The rats will be moved to the front of properties. The bins will stink right in front of peoples houses.  This was a happening in certain closes

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For Wellingborough School to notify parents of all non curriculum speakers and assemblies before they happen

The school to state annually what social, political and ethical standards it will be promoting in the coming school year. Including what speakers will be heard,what assembly topics and any classes it will be running. And to notify parents one month in advance of said speakers, assembly and the like to gain parental consent.

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