Please support and stop trans women competing in our England Ladies Sea Angling Team.

Stop trans women competing in our England Ladies Sea Angling Team
I have been a competitive sea angler for most of my life. I represented England many times. At the time the Angling Trust supported teams in the World Championships but the ladies were not represented in the Home Championships. I campaigned for a number of years to get this decision overturned. It was a hard slog and I thank the Welsh ladies team manager and the Welsh Federation which helped to finally allow the Ladies to enter this competition.
Now we have further problems with the Angling Trust, Englands governing body,who overturned a decision of the selection committee to place this trans woman in our ladies team. How is this possible due to sea angling requirements which includes a certain amount of upper body strength, particularly with casting.
If we don’t stop this practice then one day we could see the entire team comprised of trans women and born women once again pushed out. 
Below is a picture of the male born trans woman in question.