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The Argument against Nuclear Power as Sustainable for Finance

Europe’s ‘science-based’ Sustainable Finance Taxonomy is politicised to include nuclear power. The Science-based case for excluding Nuclear Fission Technologies from the EU Taxonomy One of the most influential policy initiatives of the European Commission in the past years has been the “EU Taxonomy”, essentially a shopping list of investments that may be considered environmentally sustainable across six environmental objectives.  To be deemed EU Taxonomy aligned, the activity must demonstrate a

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Object to the erection of an 18.5m mobile mast and bulky cabinets in the Old Chiswick Conservation Area

 CK Hutchison Networks (UK) Ltd has submitted a prior approval application to erect an 18.5m high mast with associated cabinets (4) at the end of Corney Road close to the junction with Pumping Station Road, Grantham Road and Corney Reach This proposal is in the Old Chiswick Conservation Area and adjacent Chiswick House Conservation Area, will be very visible above the tree line and visible for a wide radius across Chiswick The scale, height, and unsympathetic way this structure has been designed

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DON’T kill Grassy Park Ginger Cat

PLEASE don’t let the Grassy Park SPCA in Cape Town, South Africa put this lovely stray ginger cat down (ref. no: 43487)!!!! Either try relocating him! Ginger cats have the most lovingly personalities like Bob from the Street Cat Named Bob. Just look at that sweet face 😻😻😻

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Help Team Seas

Help #TeamSeas in our quest to achive our idea of no liter in the sea Help us today by sighning the sighnatures collum and putting your thoughts on it. All your thoughts will be counted torrwords the final ideas and all of your thoughts will go to action. Please ensure that you put your real name and details or your petition will be deleted.

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***THIS IS NOT A PETITION***THIS IS NOT A PETITION***   ***THIS  IS A STATEMENT OF FACT TO THE UNITED KINGDOM GOVERNMENT***   ***WE THE PEOPLE*** THE SOVEREIGN PEOPLE  OF THE UNITED KINGDOM UNDER OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS & UNDER COMMON LAW (THE HIGHEST LAW IN THE LAND)   ***WE DO NOT CONSENT *** TO THE FOLLOWING ; Tyranny Communism/Marxism/Totalitarianism & any other ism or similar that goes against our basic & god given rights & freedoms One world government/new world order Mask wea

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Resolve the Parking situation on Hartland Road, Epping.

Over the past few months there have been some changes to the park on adjacent roads to Hartland Road, specifically Kendall Avenue which now has bays for resident permits only. The only parking restriction that exists on Hartland Road is between 10am-11am Mon-Sat. As a result and due to the proximity of Hartland Road to both the Tube Station and the town centre, the number of cars parking on Hartland Road has increased significantly and this is having a number of unwanted effects including:  Cars

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Clear up Space Junk

Please support us in our campaign to clear up the junk that is floating in space and causing a hazard to us down here and those onboard space flights and the ISS.

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Theatre Studies must be retained as a degree subject and its future as a scientific discipline secured

Dear Kaarle Hämeri (Chancellor), Sari Lindblom (Rector) and Paula Eerola (Vice-Rector), Dear Hanna Snellman (Vice-Rector), Tom Böhling (Vice-Rector) Dear Pirjo Hiidenmaa (Dean, Faculty of Arts) We the undersigned wish to express our deep concern at the plans put forward by the University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Arts in respect of theatre studies and other smaller arts subjects. These proposals threaten the viability of theatre studies nationally. It would be difficult to overstate the importa

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Fight Conwy Council's "one way" road plan for Rhos on Sea Promenade

Conwy County Borough Council has launched a second round of consultation and is seeking feedback on its plans to alter Rhos on Sea promenade as part of improving coastal defences. The plans involve reducing the road at the bottom of the Cayley embankment (West Promenade) to a one-way (in the direction of Colwyn Bay) access road to, effectively, a lay-by where you will pay to park whilst directing virtually all through/coastal traffic in both directions along the upper Cayley Promenade. Strong ob

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Athletics Track Resurfacing at Bury

The track at Bury's Market Street facility is very near to the end of its working life. Please sign this petition if you agree that a new track is critical in the delivery of athletics training and fitness and wellbeing in the Bury area.

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