Bring back 60s music to BBC local radio

No music before 1965 on local BBC Local  radio, oh how i despair.A recent playlist on Radio Manchester featured 53 songs from the 2000s 10 from 1990,22 from 1980, 8 from 1970 & 1 from 1967.We are blessed in the North West with Radio Manchester ,the hard work put in by the production teams is only surpassed by it's presenters like Becky Want Phil Trow & Mike Sweeney to name a few.Support for the local community & businesses is always at the forfront of its presentations but what is the thinking behind the music.The playlist must be controlled from London because i am hearing the same comments from listeners in different areas .On Radio Manchestre Golden hours of 2005 along with the axing of great shows like Vinyl revival, Sweeney's sixties classics anything before 1965 is just not played .If we are to get back a fair spread of our 60s & 70s music we need to be heard at the top of the BBC & signing this petition will get it there .Why should we be told to listento on line stations if we want oldies music our license fee provides the funding so we desrve our voices to be heard .Please sign if you agreethanks