Development of Plas Mawr Playing field.

We at Blackwood Town are attempting to get access from CBCC to develop Plas Mawr Community Centre playing field and we need your help.

We have been informed by the council that the land can not be developed into a football pitch, due to the land being owned by the community. Well our plans to develop the land will benefit the whole of the community. We have spoken to Blackwood Town Councillors, and they all believe our plans are a good idea. However, the council don't.

We are meeting with the MP for the area to discuss our plans and see what help he can give us, as he agrees it sounds a good plan. We will also keep on to the Town Councillors and also the council.

We have been told the council wish to create a "wetland" area. And pretty much leave the land as it is. Which is just a toilet for dogs. Its no wonder the land is never used by people with young children. I find it odd how the council can create this "wetland" area without the community's agreement, as that is the reason they are saying we can not create a recrational area.

We propose to put one full sized football pitch, with high ball fencing around it. One slightly smaller training pitch which will of course be available to any member of the public to use for their enjoyment, and an open walking area with benches which will be a great place for children of all ages to just have fun. There will also be a walking area for dog walkers, as we obviously feel the WHOLE community should be able to enjoy an open space. And at the moment the whole community can not use the land, and that will be the same unless the council improve the land.

We will maintain the land and facilities so the local authorities will not have a financial obligation. We are prepared to develop the land and create a top playing pitch and area the whole of our local community can use. We as a club hold many aspirations, and if granted Plas Mawr we could fulfil them.

At the moment the land is just there as an open public toilet for dogs, and this may sound silly but you could not even take your children there for a picnic in the summer as it is that bad there. I personally find it hard to accept that CBCC would not want the land used for a much better purpose, and for the whole local community to benefit form a well kept, clean and safe open playing area, which will cost CBCC nothing other than the land being granted for the children of Blackwood Town FC to use as a permanent home pitch.

The council memeber i have spoken to stated i am wasting my time, well i dont feel our plans are a waste of time, and we will not be detered from our aspirations.

We plan to ask the community if they would like the area improved and what they think of our ideas. We wish to consult and inform everyone of our plans and discuss any disputes that may arise.

We really need the backing of the public in our cause and help us to be granted access to Plas Mawr playing fields for the benefit of the community as a whole. So please sign the petition and send links to all your friends.

Many Thanks

Blackwood Town B&G FC.

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