Bay City Rollers Pay-per-view/Online Concert/DVD

We, the fans of the Bay City Rollers, have an idea for a concert reunion that would be beneficial to band members, as well as all fans worldwide.  This concert would be done as a pay-per-view event, but because it would be done online, it would be seen the world over, bringing in millions of dollars for one concert.  The concert would also be recorded and released on DVD, as well as generating sales of tee-shirts, posters, and tour books.  Please understand that, for many of us, this may be our only chance to see the group we've loved and followed for over thirty years.  Please, give us that chance!!!  Be assured, anyone signing this petion will gladly pay whatever necessary to see "our boys" reunite one last time.  Thank you very much for helping us to achieve our dream  concert.