An urgent review of the alterations to Rugby Town Centre by Warwickshire County Council. Bad for business!

We the undersigned wish to express our real anger at Warwickshire County Council's decision to significantly alter the road network in Rugby Town centre and the surrounding roads. We urge Warwickshire County Council Highways Department, along with elected officials to look again and to make alterations. 

Warwickshire County Council has approved considerable traffic changes in Rugby with no public consultation. And this weekend we have seen the results of the first stage. Delay, confusion and public anger.

Of course, we want to get shops open and business to thrive again. But the imposition of this one-way system significantly alters Rugby's road network through the town centre and is both counter-productive and wrong. It’s very unclear who was actually spoken to before the plans were drawn up because there was no consultation.   

We would love to think that those responsible for this have a really clear idea of criteria for success and that they will monitor the effect on businesses, on disabled people, on traffic build-up and the environment in residential roads across Rugby. We believe it will be a disaster for our town. If the criteria for 'success' aren’t met, then the plans must be changed. 

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