An open letter to Aaron Bell MP from constituents publicly condemning his vote against extending free school meals over the winter holidays.

Dear Mr Bell,

Re: Behaviour of Aaron Bell MP of the Conservative Party

We are writing regarding the Opposition Day motion in the House of Commons, on the evening of Wednesday 21 October 2020, which related to extending free school meals through the Christmas holidays. As I am sure you are aware, you voted against the motion which would have allowed food support to the most vulnerable children in our community.

This unacceptable decision by yourself will result in children that rely solely on free school meals potentially going hungry during the upcoming holidays at this time of great national crisis.

The actions of yourself and fellow Conservative MPs will mean that families already struggling to feed their children will be forced deeper into food poverty, their finances stretched further when they can least afford it.  It will have a davastating impact on physical and mental health of those families affected and will add unnecessary strain on society as a whole.

I am sure that you agree that targeting hungry children in this way is clearly unacceptable, it is even worse that their families and carers (many of whom are unable to work due to mismanagement of the COVID 19 response) should find themselves becoming targets.

Sadly, this is not the first occasion in which you have used a parliamentary vote in such an inhumane manor. It is noted that recently you voted against reuniting refugee children with their families, again something that will have a profound and damaging affect on the most vulnerable children on the planet.

Furthermore, it regretfully appears you are more concerned about a rude word mouthed by a parliamentary colleague than you are about whether children in your constituency go hungry.

When you became MP for Newcastle-under-Lyme you pledged to use your votes and influence to help its communities and people therein, and not to vote against their interests in order to toe the party line or further your own career aspirations or interests. We do not believe you voting in the manner described delivers on these pledges.

We respectfully ask you take immediate action, reaffirming your commitment to help our friends and families most at risk from this dangerous and damaging policy, and publicly apologise for your gross lack of judgement on this subject.  

Yours sincerely

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