Add BMX to Skate 4


We have been waiting 10 years for the long awaited Skate 4 to finally be annouced. The hype is real and we are all excited. But lets talk about the fact that there has been no good big bmx game in development for even longer. Tony Hawks American Wasteland was by far the best game in the THPS series and why is that? It was raw, gritty, and it had BMX!

I am asking all my fellow BMX riders and fans to sign this petition and get EA's attention. Let's show them how many people would be interested in buying Skate 4 if BMX was added to the game. We are a big enough sport to deserve this and I know that we all play Skate 3.

BMX And skateboarding have a somewhat shaky past as there is some "beef" between the sports in certain areas. Maybe this addition to the game would also bring the two sports together and end this nonsensical beef once and for all.

If we manage to get 100k signatures on this petition then EA should be open to listen to us. According to there are over 3.65 million BMX riders in the world, so lets show this to everyone we know who will care about this and lets make every BMX riders rainy day dreams come true.

Our BMX (Formerly Ride BMX) has said that they are willing to help if we manage to open a line of communications with EA or anyone involved with Skate 4. How awesome is that? If this happens we can make sure BMX is represented correctly, get input from credible BMX sources to make the in-game BMX experience as good as the Skate experience currently is.

I am just 1 guy so my voice alone is not going to make a difference, but below are ways to achieve our goal:

  • Get BMX shops involved
  • Get Pro & Sponsored Riders involved
  • Get the BMX Youtube & Social Media Community involved. (Share this link in your videos, Posts & Stories)


If you ride or love watching BMX, share this petition with your local riders, Bike Shops, friends and family.


Sign, Share, and lets get BMX in Skate 4.


We have currently recieved support from:

- Our BMX:

- The Old Potato:

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