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Mosque to be built Haughton Green

2016-02-05 19:47:01

its been almost 3 years since my last post. Which got a mosque stopped in Stalybridge ! 

Iv been informed tonight that a mosque is to be being built now in Haughton Green. Please share sign and tell everybody in this area what is planned.

petition page can be found on Facebook 


this is not my petition, but I am helping out residents in this area.



The say no to Stalybridge mosque is back !!!

2014-02-28 10:57:02
After speaking to a very reliable source this morning, i have been told planning permission has been put in for another mosque in stalybridge.
On hearing this I rang the council straight away to be answered by a snotty argumentative woman. Who argued that a community centre is not a mosque !
She took my name placed me on hold to come back with it's a rumour !!
Now whether their saying this just so we don't have time to get it stopped I don't know !
But if we inundate the council again with calls asking about the proposed community centre in stalybridge even of they continue with the rumour story at least they will see WE DO NOT WANT IT!!!
I will change write up to petition to suit current situation so please get everyone you know to sign !
Tameside council 0161 342 8355 option 4
Thanks for all your help and support, now let's get this one stopped like we did the last one.
I will try and reply to all inboxes ASAP !

We have won !! No mosque

2013-11-12 12:53:26
Well finally, standing up for what believe has pulled off ! Never when I started this petition did I think we'd win but I have confirmation this morning from Jason Dugdale saying he's not letting the mosque go ahead :) well done every one for spreading the word !

Fingers crossed !

2013-11-10 08:09:17
Yesterday both brothers who are planning on building the mosque didn't turn up to their own meeting THEY planned!
Does this mean we've won ?

Speakers panel

2013-10-26 08:38:37
Just a quick message to let everybody know the reporter will be running our story in this weeks paper with link to this petition.
The application is going to a speakers panel now as it's not a simple yes or no answer so keep objecting :
Email / phone the council (Jason Dugdale is handling this)
Phone your local mp apposing it.
Local councillor.
Make sure your neighbours are aware / anyone you speak to tell them to google Stalybridge mosque petition.
We now have until 11/12/13 I will get further confirmation if this date is still correct this week.
Well done everybody for showing support, now it's just a waiting game. Who ever speaks at the panel on our behalf I will make sure they take all petitions hand written and electronic.
Keep spreading the word :)

Say NO to Stalybridge Mosque !!

2013-10-24 10:50:50
I will be taking all petition signatures to the council tomorrow ( our cut off day )
Can I just ask everybody aswel to email
Subject : I OBJECT to stalybridge Mosque
With your full name
Address and contact
I know not many of you will do this, but those that will it will help !
all these names etc he will have to consider as he is head of this application.
Please if you are making points make them valid reasons.
I.e if you live there / use that stretch of road etc

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