Regime Change at Gillingham F.C.

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Gills in the Pub Video

2021-09-04 10:17:59

Dear Supporters,

If you haven't seen it already, I certainly recommend taking a look at the first video in a new series, Gills in the Pub. It contains discussion around our start to the season and a very well constructed discussion about our chairman's current conduct.

I also humbly ask for your help, there's been a slow down on signatures on the petition lately. With Paul Scally's latest KM article once again attacking any and all supporters capable of critical thought, it may have persuaded others to make their voices heard. Please spread the petition's link to anyone you feel would like to back a unified voice.

The Gillingham support overall is bigger than Paul Scally's media echo chamber. He is not the only person permitted an opinion.

I have determined that if we reach 200, I will try to find a way to get this to the chairman.

If you'd like to ask anything or have any comments, please feel free comment below, find me on Twitter @mike_gammon, or email me

Mike Gammon

Chairman's Chat

2021-08-29 08:44:58

Dear Gillingham FC Supporters,

I'd imagine many of you have seen the latest Chairman's Chat here

I should add a few things to this regarding the purpose of the petition.

It is clear that there is a disconnect between disenfranchised fans and the chairman. Personal abuse via any means isn't really on and this isn't a petition of abuse. I want to keep things factual and the petition can go one of two ways, we may get a number of signatories to enable me to share with the chairman and hopefully instigate real change (whether the outcome is sale or at the very least a change in tact), or this petition limps into nothing and I will respect democratically that many are happy with how things are.

Being absolutely honest, I never thought I would ever feel so strongly so as to do something like this. I have no doubt that the chairman works long hours and tries hard, my concern is that he simply cannot afford the modern game. We only need to see the half baked projects to see this as the case, including the most permanent temporary stand in football history.

The aforementioned Chairman's Chat declared that the door is always open. If the petition raises enough noise then hopefully the chairman will pay attention and realise that deflection doesn't resolve any issue. My hope is it opens proper dialogue between the chairman and those who are critical without being abusive.

Please do share on your social media and any comments you can reach me directly on Twitter @mike_gammon or my email

Mike Gammon

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