Petition to give voting rights to congregation so they can elect trustee at Abu Bakr Masjid Southall. Everyone has the right to become a trustee from grassroots by nomination by the mausaliees.

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People Leading this Petition

2020-08-28 11:35:50


We have had messages from public asking who is leading this petiton, and that they will only sign if they get to know who is leading.

For those who wish to know this is a group of people from Southall who are genrally fed up with the current establishment and want to know the money we give to to masjid where has it gone and what they current people doing with it.

We also want change because the current people do not know how to run a masjid and we have seen from comments they mis manage funds. 

If you want chnage protest and demand change face them head on. In due course we will give the names and businesses these trustee own and run so you can see for yourself what they are like and why they are back bitting and telling lies about the other 3 trustees who disagree with the current proposals which will see them in the masjid for life and no other person from among the public without the trustee approval (not public approval) can sit on the board, WHY IS THIS SO I ASK YOU THE PUBLIC WILL YOU ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN.

Freinds of Abu Bakr

Changes to petiton

2020-08-28 11:15:36


Allhamduliiah we have at the time of writng 60 signatures we require 500 or more so we can force change in this masjid.

We urge you all to sign and pass this petition onto as many people as possible. More over for change to occur we require you to confront the trustees in person as ask them why they will not step aside. Only then will change occur.

We have added more informtion of why we have started this petition and why we feel change should occur in the masjid. Please send to and share this to as many people as possible

Freinds of Abu Bakr

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