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Now Ain't The Time For Our Tears

2017-01-31 02:16:34


                                                        Thanks for signing Pledge for Europe.


Any time my resolve flags over the coming months, I'll re-read the anger and the anxiety in the comments some of you have been kind enough to share.

Parliament will vote to invoke Article 50 in less than a week. Two things are now really urgent.

First write to your MP asking them, at the very least, to amend the Article 50 bill so that remaining in the EU is an option when the terms of our exit are finally clear. The choice Theresa May intends to give us is to leave with a deal, or to leave without one, This is no choice at all.

For suggested letters to MPs see      or      

Second – promote !!! promote !!! promote !!!


Anger is an energy !!!   Any time you feel like strangling a politician get on Facebook, get on Twitter 

                                                                    It's therapeutic




Peter Richmond

Nearly reached 100

2017-01-24 23:37:43

As we approach our 100th signature I just thought I'd say thanks. I might also point out to early signers that I changed the wording to give more of a nod to the wonderful MPs who intend to vote against Article 50 entirely.

If this makes you want to unsign then let me know and you'll be erased.    

If, on the other hand, you want to say that you'd prefer Article 50 entirely rejected then please put 'vote it down' where it asks you why you're signing

Lastly ---- please please promote us. 

Peter Richmond

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