10 years old and my static caravan is suddenly worthless? No Tingdene, no.

Tingdene (Lowestoft) filled the North Dene site with static caravans of pretty much any age, telling the owners that clause 6.4 of the licence agreement would not apply to them (ref that caravans over 10 years old cannot be sold or transferred). This message was carried to owners subsequently purchasing these caravans. They (Tingdene) have been involved in the sale of caravans close to or older than 10 years old since the site opened. From the 31st July 2021 they have suddenly decided that clause 6.4 does apply, effectively costing owners collectively hundreds of thousands if not millions of pounds. Owners have been deceived, by Tingdene. They have already blocked a number of sales, but are quite happy to continue selling caravans close to the 10 year old limit.

In legal terms this is in contravention of the Consumer Rights Act 2015, on moral grounds it is simply disgusting. British law applies to all, including Tingdene.

This petition is to show your support to see this decision reversed and Tingdene being held to account. If they now wish to remove caravans over 10 years old, and will now not allow their sale or transfer (after what they've previously stated and the basis on which the site was populated), owners should be compensated at full market value, plus a pro-rata refund of the annual charges and responsibility for any associated removal costs. No exceptions.

Please show your support whether you are a Tingdene North Dene Caravan owner or not - thank you.

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