V The Series 2010 bring it back

Hiya Visitors,

I enjoyed the original series of V back in the 80's until the show was cancelled and came to an abrupt ending,so when i heard they were doing an all new series of V,i was so happy!!.i have watched every episode from season one and two and last night i watched the episode "Mothers Day",which i am to believe is the season finale and what a cliffhanger.

Now,i have been told the ratings dropped in Season One and even more in Season Two but so have other tv series put out by ABC.The whole reason i have started this petition,is because i have now heard that V might not be picked up by ABC for a 3rd Season.Please dont let this happen again,like the original series of V did.

Please ABC,renew V for a 3rd Season,you owe it to the fans and its just getting good!!,please dont end it now!!.